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The product

What is the Toucan Toco product?

Toucan Toco is a technology platform for creating Small Apps based on 5 pillars:

Mobile: accessible on phone, tablet and PC. A published dashboard is also directly on all media.
Easy to implement: Toucan Toco's agile work is part of the company's DNA. This methodology of work resulting from the SCRUM methodology, allows us to work in iterations. Thus a project can be industrialized and produced in 2 to 3 months. The first releases in 4-5 days already show 95% of the application.

Outstanding and simple UX : the care and concern of the end user experience is at the heart of Toucan Toco's strategy. This unique user experience is intuitive thanks to Data storytelling, we tell stories from your data to make sense of the user's reading, but especially according to his level and position.

Integrated in your IS: our connectors aggregate the data coming from your different IS and Databases. Thus, we know how to connect flat files (Excel, Csv, ....) and IT environments (BO, Qlick, SAP ...) at the same time in the same app. & Data security: secure SaaS (cloud) or hybrid (data is at the customer but create a gateway from our application server to those of the client.
In the service of operational excellence: a true differentiating element, Toucan Toco, offers in the software even collaborative tools, such as chat, recommendation, message and the possibility of exports, PDF download, or glossary.

I already have a Data Exploration tool. What can Toucan Toco bring me?

Toucan Toco can complement a Data Exploration tool. Because Toucan Toco is not aimed at analysts but end users, business users.

What are your differences?

Our accompaniment during the setting (advice in dataviz and storytelling)
We are talking to end users, not analysts.
We are a visualization tool and no exploration.
Our operational excellence
(Our product advantages)

What is the duration of a project to build a Toucan Toco application?

Thanks to efficient project management using agile methods, a complex project is realized in a few weeks. Depending on the complexity it can go from 1 to 3 months.

What is the price ?

The price varies according to the number of users and the complexity of the project.

What's the difference between a normal BI tool and Toucan?

Normal BI tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik… are great tools when it comes to exploring data to find insights. However they’re too powerful and too complex for non technical business users when it comes to delivering those insights. And that’s exactly what Toucan focuses on. Our job starts and ends at communicating the insights that your team of data scientists will have found on a data exploration tool, to non technical business users. We complement data exploration tools and help you leverage the investment done on the entire data value chain by delivering information in the most appropriate way: through context and simplicity.

How does Toucan connect to the data?

You can connect to any data source, from simple files to remote databases, with our extensive library of connectors and data connection mediums. We use a variety of techniques for our clients such as ETL, REST API, FTP, Scripting, manual drag and drop, Live and Real Time Data.

You can have more information on our integration page, in our product documentation, and by watching our Under the Toucan Hood video series for all things technical!

Can Toucan connect itself to our existing BI solution?

Yes, for BI platforms that allow other platforms to connect to them (like Microstrategy), we’ll create a connector. When it comes to our clients having proprietary technologies like Tableau or Qlik’s .qvd files, we deploy a script to extract a .csv file and incorporate it into Toucan automatically. Data connection is not a problem to us!

Which type of data source do you connect to?

it can be simple files (excel, csv,...), local and remote databases, or through APIs. Toucan Toco can connect to over 600 data sources anywhere in your organization. You can see some of them here. Toucan can ingest this data on a regular basis and cache it, or deliver it in real-time (live data).

Can you plug yourselves to multiple data sources at the same time?

Yes. Whether you’re dealing with an Excel file, a SQL database and Salesforce at the same time, we can centralise everything and publish the related visualisations on Toucan. You have more information in our documentation here about connecting and validating your data sources.

How quickly is the data updated?

You can either refresh your data on demand, regularly (with our scheduler), or request it in real-time (live data). Our fastest data update is as quick as your slowest data update. Here’s a short short conversation where we explain how you can have a live data feature in Toucan Toco:

Can the data be updated automatically?

With our scheduler, you can automate the data updates with just a few clicks. Define which data sources you can to refresh, and how often you want it (hourly, daily, weekly, or even more custom intervals). Toucan will help to build robust applications regarding data feeding. More information in this video:

What's Toucan Toco's Tech Stack?

Your answer in a video or in writing!

What is your business model?

Our business model is similar to that of a software publisher with licenses per user per month, and with no hidden costs. Our prices are degressive and have been set up with scalability in mind.

Do you do any custom visualisation?

Our chart library is tailored to accommodate most business cases. Each chart has numerous configuration options detailed in our documentation. We do not build custom visualizations for now to ensure the quality, the ease of use, and the accuracy of the app stays at its highest level. We can work however with third party platform (such as custom mapping) to include their product in ours.

How many charts do you have?

Our viz library contains more than 20 charts at date.

Do you do mapping (with Google maps or other map systems) ?

With our mapchart, you can position zones and markers on top of OpenStreetMap tiles. You can upload GeoJSON, Shapefiles, and other standard formats describing geographical zones.

My data is not ready, is right now a good time to work with you?

Instead of focusing on the data pipeline and its organization first, we recommend to start by thinking about what it is you need to communicate, to test it with static or fake data against a panel of potential users. Toucan allows you to do this with our fake data generator which cancels the need for a data team and helps you ensure you’ve validated the needs of the team. This process unlocks questions and ensures the data work you’ll start afterwards will be needed and useful.

Can we create our own visualisations in Toucan?

Not yet, but you already have a great number of possibilities with all the options available in our charts. However, we know that sometimes very specific businesses need very specific visualizations, and we do intend to provide you with this opportunity in the future


Where is the data stored?

Our servers are located in the datacenter center DC3 from Scaleway, located in Vitry (France). It respects all hosting standards (security, network, client isolation) and has a Tier III Certification. More information on our documentation.

Our data is confidential, are you secure?

Toucan Toco’ s private cloud is fully operated and monitored by Toucan based in France with latest security certification (SSL Grade A…). Location can be adjusted. We operate each of our clients in a separate instance, with an isolated network, volumes and databases (based on Docker). Regarding access control, you can connect Toucan to your company's SSO, which gives and controls access to apps. Here is a video about how Toucan Toco manages SSO:

On Premise vs Cloud - Can Toucan Toco can be installed on premise ?

With Toucan Toco, you can choose either one or the other solution. For the cloud we use a private cloud with state of the art security. For the on-prem option, we use the Docker Image technology, meaning the installation process is easy and straightforward. More information in this video:

How to lead an on-premise installation ?

In this video, one of our experts explains how you can manage a successful on premise installation:

The company

When has Toucan Toco been created ?

The Toucan Toco company exists since 2014.

The company

Toucan Toco deploys simple, clear and operational data-storytelling applications for the entire enterprise. These applications allow the aggregation of multi-source data for the creation of dashboards or analytical tools available on all media and web, mobile and tablet platforms.

Which countries are you in?

Toucan Toco is a French company based in Paris but operates in various countries including France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and soon more to come.

What are your values?

Toucan Toco carries 5 values:
WTFM b tch
Each one teach one
Busy is the new stupid
Look for the bare necessities
Be well and take care
All the details here: Toucan Toco's 5 core values

Why did you choose the name Toucan Toco?

At the time of the creation of the company and Toucan brand Toco we wanted a mascot to personify our product.
The animal is a type of "classic" mascot, easier than creating a new character from scratch.
We chose a bird because the bird flies, twirls, is agile, sees from a distance, takes height.
Then we chose an exotic animal to break the cold and boring codes of BI, a characteristic, colorful, shimmering animal.
So we ended up with the Toucan which has a very good collective imagination (there is even a cartoon of Toco the Toucan), connotes with Brazil, Mexico, ...and therefore returns a very nice image. This bird is not austere, is not haughty, but remains proud and elegant.
The Toucan Toco is the most famous species of Toucan.

What needs does Toucan Toco meet?
Who are the users of Toucan Toco?

The Toucan Toco Data Story telling is giving life to your data by putting it directly in the hands of the decision-makers and operational:
C-level: aggregate key figures, updated automatically
Commercial forces: piloting and customer diagnosis, available in the field, immediately
Human resources: the best way to communicate the social report to teams
Marketing: market data and stock results in a digestible form
Financial management: results pedagogy for investors and stakeholders

Who are your customers today?

90 customers in various sectors, including Total, Ubisoft, BPCE, EDF, JCDecaux, Tereos, Citroen, So Local, Unibail, Vinci, Simply Market and Renault.


What is the recruitment policy?

The best to answer this question is to head to the
Toucan Toco section of Welcome to the Jungle

What positions are you hiring at the moment?

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