Deliver data & insights
to the non-technical decision maker

Deploy a compelling data storytelling dashboard in just 2 hours.

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Leverage your data

What material did you use for your last
quarterly review? Do you know which of your
team's reports have had the most impact?

Empower your team

How much time does your team waste?
Help your team focus on high value added analysis
and problem solving.

Save time

Development, design, and maintenance are time
consuming. We help your team automate
the reporting and communication part!

You don't need to be an expert to build
a masterpiece application in no time

Build a digital app with the skills you already have.

  • Web application available on any device

  • Customize colors
    and style, add
    images or videos

  • Beginner
    or data expert,
    you'll feel
    at ease!

  • Create stories
    and tiles
    for standard

  • Easily visualize
    the journey
    of your data

You don't fly solo

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Build once and
deploy anywhere to anyone

Adaptive design

With the Studio, design 1 app
for all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).
Deploy on 5000+ devices in minutes.


Create a printable PDF version
of the apps.


Showcase your app on a permanent stage.

Embed charts

Embed your app in a website
or in another platform.

Manage your app store

User access rights management.
Share the apps or dataviz to the correct people. One-click publication.

We help you reach your targets

Easy to understand

Glossary, drill down, hierarchization, configure
views (time, people, business units)

Easy to use

No required training, tutorial, offline Mode

Easy to share

Annotate & share, export data or vizzes, executive summary,
presenter mode, push notifications

Easy to discuss

Contextualize data with comments,
push recommendations, user reactions

Examples of ready to use apps

Connect to your data

How we 've digitalized our offer thanks
to Toucan Toco

Laurent G.

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A real xrevolution
in business reporting

Jéremy R.

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Helping our clients to tell data stories
with Toucan Toco

Charles R.

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Toucan connect transform interface

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