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Data Connectors

Connect directly to your data with over 500 connectors
and power your dashboards in just a few clicks!

data connectors
value proposition

Toucan Toco quickly connects to your data, no matter where it is, thanks to hundreds of pre-built connectors!

Power your dashboards with live data, combine dozens of data sources into an accelerated cached data model, perform batch processing modes, schedule, and set your query frequency.
Toucan Toco's built-in agility allows you to bring all of your data together in a single platform and turn it into actionable information.

Quickly access your data with pre-built APIs

Over 100 pre-built connectors and dozens of other ways to power your dashboard with data, even from disparate systems and sources.

your investments

Connect to your existing infrastructure and generate immediate value by making your data accessible to everyone using attractive and interactive apps.

Turn your static spreadsheet into dynamic reports

Remove all manual tasks and pull Excel
spreadsheets into a single cloud-based platform for faster decision-making.