Embedded Analytics

VMR provides
a new and improved
dashboard experience
to their users

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2 weeks to roll off the first dashboard

+10% in sales closure

-80% time spent on data explanation


  • Revamp the way they delivered information, from static PDF reports to
    interactive dashboards for non-technical users (C-level executives, students, etc.)

  • Transform one-timers to recurring visitors & grow customer base with a new offer


  • Small team to integrate & build dashboards with little-to-no technical knowledge

  • Provides an innovative experience to users who can interact with dashboards,
    yield insights, and get key information, at a glance


  • Created new revenue opportunities & gained a significant competitive advantage

  • Created a wow-effect during demos & positive feedback from existing clients


Watch the full Client Testimony

watch it

Other solutions on the market
required extensive technical expertise
on our end, but with Toucan, it was
very easy to get started!

Amaan Kazi, CEO