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Fanny Sourdou
Head of Marketing

Toucan allowed us to discover the powerful side of reporting and creating a data culture

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Quentin Vanoosthuyse
Chef de Projet Données Sociales

Toucan saved us from the hassle of Excel and PPTs.

Portrait Deloitte

Franck Cherron
Human Capital Partner


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Leave exploration to those who were trained to do it

Communication data exploration

Data Exploration

Analysts, Data Scientists, Experts

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Data Storytelling

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Toucan meet each of your business needs

  • Chief data officer visual
    Accelerate your data strategy within your organization

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  • Retail visual panel
    Create an engaging customer experience based on relevant market data

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  • Hr visual panel
    Leverage your HR metrics managements by communicating insights in a single point of truths

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  • Financial direction panel
    Increase customer satisfaction by providing a seamless analytics experience.

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Tell Business Performance Stories through interactive Data and Data Storytelling. Give simple answers to fundamental questions to the Non-Technical Decision Maker. Our applications allow the easy aggregation of multi-source data for the creation of dashboards to improve reporting in the company.
We already equip more than 100 large companies including Total, Sanofi, BNP Paribas, Deloitte ... on more than 290 projects.

Toucan Toco Data Storytelling gives life to your data by putting it directly in the hands of decision makers and managers.
Business dashboard: a platform to aggregate key figures, updated automatically
Retail Analytics: : boost your sales performance and your store management
HR dashboard: the best way to communicate the social data reports to teams
Marketing dashboard: market data and results of actions in a digestible form
Finance dashboard: results pedagogy for investors and stakeholders
Embedded Analytics : add value to your platform by integrating a unique visual analytics solution

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