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Come as you are, leverage all your data investments.
Clear, fast, adaptable integration

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No constraints on
how to power your dashboards with data

Set up a lightweight and modular data architecture, minimize custom work.

Data Connectors

Import, combine and showcase data instantly, in a code-free environment.

Connect any data source
  • 100+ built-in connectors for cloud, on-premise, BI, ETL, databases, REST API, and flat file sources.
  • Native integration for flat files like CSV, Excel and endowed with a powerful API connector.
  • Create your own connector thanks to an open-source library. Leverage all your Data Preparation, Data Modelling, Cleaning... instantly.
Blend Live and Loaded Data Sources
  • Support direct connections to databases or cubes, from SAP system to cloud big data infrastructures (Snowflake, Redshift...).
  • Follow all changes, simplify app maintenance and debug datasets with Toucan’s Storytelling Tracker
Automatically refresh datasets
  • Generate configuration files with server scripts.
  • Automate all tasks with a fully-featured API
  • Connect to your app by using the Toucan SDK and input your data in python data frames.

Data Processing

Lightning-fast web-page performance of charts and navigation with Query Speed-Up systems.

Boost Query Performance
  • Speed up queries by building custom indexes over different views
  • Leverage your architecture and boost performance by mixing live and replicated indexed data
Increased speed with our in-app cache system
  • Boost loading performance with our in-app cache engine.
  • Minimize queries and don't execute requests already made on your platform.
Value-adding data only
  • In-database processing and parallelised data loading where needed.
  • Perform queries quickly by adding indexes to your data model
  • Develop a data model that matches your operational needs.
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Build adequate queries quickly
and without any technical knowledge

Clean up, integrate and compute your data visually without DB architecture skills.

Data Preparation

Clean up and transform your data quickly with Toucan before integrating a new infrastructure

Collect, adjust and clean your data within datastore
  • Mix different sources, with embedded data lake powered by MongoDB to store flat files or replicated data
  • Adjust complex requests before building the right dataset for your report.
Powerful Python ETL
  • Visual ETL or advance mode in Python, to handle the scheduled data update via our Rest API.
  • Adjust your data and perform advanced processing and plan your data integration with Toucan's built-in ETL.
Connect to your existing ETL solution
  • Integrate and connect easily your existing ETL tools, such as Talend, iPython, Notebook, Dataïku, Denodo…
  • Design to be compatible with any information system.
  • Transform and normalize your data before import them into the solution.

Visual Query Builder

Perform data queries on the fly and at scale
with Toucan’s built-in, open-source, no-code Visual Query Builder.

Cleanse, Transform, Combine data through an appealing UI
  • Perform complex reshaping operations in just a few clicks.
  • Leverage 6 years' worth of Toucan Development for efficient and high performing queries.
  • Monitor Query Efficiency with a built-in performance analyzer.
Create data recipes, keep operations history
  • Perform on-the-fly combinations of several data tables including appending and joining tables.
  • Multiply your data sources by transforming live data sources with a real-time query.
  • Get the opportunity to go back in the transformation steps history into the tool.
Rely on an extensible, open and scalable product
  • We believe in the power of the community to create a solution that is able to translate a user’s interactions into several query/code languages.
  • Lean on an open system that will progress and be inspired by contributors and new context.
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Enjoy peace of mind while managing your data processes.

Manage your data quickly and efficiently. Manage your apps’ data sources and secure your environments while respecting quality processes.

Data Pipeline

Monitor and maintain multiple data sources with ease and speed.

Comprehensive overview of your data workflow
  • See and manage all the databases and data sources that power your dashboard.
  • Leverage complete and granular visibility on the datasets that power each visualization.
Generate data specs automatically
  • Automatic generation of metadata and sample outputs in printable format
  • See all data sources for an application in one file

Data Monitoring

Ensure the security and quality of integrated data with an exclusive data monitoring process.

Free to set Check Requirements for your data
  • Set validation rules to ensure that data respects your organization's policies and prerogatives.
  • Gain serenity regarding data processing and automate updates.
Automate tasks, generate alerts
  • Set up alerts, initiate automatic updates and release independent data sources.
  • Customize configuration files for validation processes with a pre-built validation method.
  • Independently and automatically manage data source updates.

Engage your stakeholders
with compelling Stories

Storytelling is the world’s most ancient and effective communication form.
Don't leave your data without telling its story. Toucan helps you share relevant insights with
your business users, with ease and at scale.

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