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The Greatest User Experience in Analytics
A built-in Data Storytelling Framework made for action

Communicate clear, compelling and actionable data stories at scale.
Reach sky-high adoption and lightning-fast deployment without a single line of code or design.

Guided Framework for Storytelling

Deploy million-dollars-looking apps in under 2 hours, in full autonomy, without any expertise, instantly accessible on any device
and easily adoptable by untrained business users.

Easy. Mobile. Scalable.
  • Built-in framework: Deploy apps quickly with built-in design rules.
  • Instant accessibility on all devices, independently of type or screen size.
  • So simple that no training is required for end-users.
  • Save time and money on UX resources and training.
Tell Compelling Stories.
  • Built-in Narrative Environment: specify context, glossary, and calls to action to ensure clarity and end-user autonomy.
  • Turn insights into action by providing a step by step experience for your users. No “so what?” questions or cognitive overloads.
  • Use multiple layers of information, filters and drill down to give users a digestible feed of insights.
Ensured consistency for higher adoption.
  • Standard app structure and Look & Feel increase deployment and adoption speeds.
  • Consistent story structure and delivery format ensure ease of adoption.
  • Consistent sharing approach of insights and built-in collaborative features ensure high engagement across apps.

How to create a dashboard in 2021?

More than 60 pages with illustrations and concrete examples

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Corporate Branding

Instantly reflect corporate branding.
Adoption grows when users feel at home.

Make it yours in just a few clicks
  • Customize colors, logo and background to fit corporate design guidelines.
  • Customizing your dashboard is the first step in data storytelling
Boost adoption and retention
  • Put your users at ease with a communication tool that looks familiar.
  • Boost engagement with a branded app and a customized experience per user group.
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Accelerate Time to Value
with the most collaborative analytics solution yet

Simplify dashboard creation & synchronization with a never-seen-before production workflow
Work simultaneously in a safe staging environment and publish your work in just a click

Live Collaboration

Like Google Docs for analytics: work together, from wherever,
with version control to track every change.

Share tasks and shorten delivery time
  • Real-time collaboration with live changes
  • Eliminate the need to merge multiple works
  • Web Technologies to accelerate dashboard deployment
Transparent Version Control
  • Versioning on GitHub
  • Monitor app builder achievements, ensure accountability
  • Track all edits and restore previous versions

Staging & Production

Switch from a working to a production environment in a click

Built-in Workflow
  • Work in a safe and private environment with no fear of app breakage
  • Control publishing options and switch environments in just a click
  • No time wasted on repetitive, painful, and time consuming procedures
Automate procedures
  • Built-in notification system with granular control to keep users engaged.
  • Decide which updates to push - whether it's design, data or permissions.
  • Stay on top of all data operations with Automated Admin Notifications.
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Tell a compelling story

Who's your audience and what does it need?
Prototype without any data. Co-build apps with stakeholders to deliver validated value.

Design-First Mode, with Auto-Generated Data

Co-build your app with your audience using Toucan's integrated auto-generating Data engine
Build stories, confirm ease of comprehension, validate the message. Together.

Unique data-free prototyping
  • Boost adoption by co-building apps with stakeholders in real time
  • Iterate easily using built-in fake data to ensure message and call to action are clear
  • Save hours of creating data to feed your dashboards
Focus on the right KPIs
  • Rely on valuable indicators and integrate them easily
  • Visualize KPIs and develop an compelling narrative
  • Align stakeholder and define which data is the most relevant
Speed up the industrialization with your data team
  • Simplify and clarify data specifications
  • Generate a complete data model to fit the application's needs
  • Save valuable time for the IT team with clearly defined data specifications

App Templates

Lead like Fortune 500 leaders.
Rich catalog of ready-to-use templates deployable in seconds. Expertise never got so accessible.

Deploy an app in a few clicks
  • Curated library of selected templates deployable in seconds.
  • Build over any template to fit your own needs
  • Templates are available when creating a new app within the platform
Rely on experts in your field
  • Access templates built by leaders for best-in-class monitoring
  • Templates are all based on real use cases
Ready-to-Populate data models
  • Download the data model to feed your template with your own data
  • Connect to your favorite software and visualise your data on a ready-made template
  • Don’t lose time or money building apps from scratch

Toucan Toco challenges the indicators provided:
the graphs are designed in relation to business users

Dhahbi Brahim, Chief Operating Officer — Société Générale

Discover the success story

Engage your stakeholders
with compelling Stories

Storytelling is the world’s most ancient and effective communication form.
Don't leave your data without telling its story. Toucan helps you share relevant insights with
your business users, with ease and at scale.

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