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Build & Design

Build simple & attractive applications
to facilitate the sharing of information

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Unlock the value of your Data :
write your Story

Meet business needs and develop your Dashboard in less than one day,
by starting to build your stories without Data. Save time by first choosing
the most valuable indicators, and integrate it into your dashboard.

Design first

First, you define what you want to share : your Stories
Then you find the right source of information : your Data.

Focus on the right KPIs
  • Rely on valuable indicators and integrate it easily in your dashboard
  • Visualize KPIs and develop an effective environment
  • Align all your stakeholder and define which data are the most relevant
Easy to build stories without data
  • Build a real and dynamic application in a few clicks
  • Create a dashboard framework with fake data
  • Ensure that the representation meets the needs of your interlocutors
Simplify communication with IT & Data team
  • Simplify and clarify data specification
  • Generate a complete data model to fit the application's needs
  • Save valuable time for the IT team with clearly defined data specifications

Apps Template

Improve your ROI through faster learning for your teams :
use Dashboard Templates.

Develop an app in a few clicks
  • Access to report templates to improve your ability to shape your data
  • Start designing from pragmatic examples of configuration
  • Templates are available when creating a new app within the platform
Rely on our expertise
  • Based on dashboard examples to get ideas and improve your team learning curve
  • Templates including pragmatic examples of configuration based on real and precise use cases
  • Templates are built based on applications that we have created for our clients, related to industry or business needs
Save time on your data-model construction
  • Download the data model to feed your template with your own data easily
  • Deploy an app connected to your data through a connector in just a few clicks
  • Don’t lose time and money to build applications from scratch
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Rely on Toucan Toco ability
to deliver a perfect UX/UI

Leverage the best UX on the market to ensure good adhesion to data.
Deep dive in your data more easily and get insights
with a unique framework that can be customized to your brand.

Guided Framework

Simplify the comprehension of Data by providing
a single reading framework for all your users.

Rely on best-practice in UX
  • Use state-of-the-heart design and data-storytelling best practices
  • Help your users to read and manage complex information
  • Save weeks of works and don’t think about your UX architecture
Facilitate the understanding of your data
  • Provide clear and progressive storytelling to guide your users in their data-journey
  • Enhance pedagogy to understand data and insight with dedicated features: Commentaries, recommendations, glossary…
  • Support your users in their data analysis by using multiple layers of information.
Simplify reporting structure design
  • Offers the same look and feels between all your dashboard to standardize data
  • Deliver a common structure and consistency in sharing your insights to ensure easy adoption of your application

How to create a dashboard in 2019?

More than 60 pages with illustrations and concrete examples

Free download

Build once & deploy anywhere

Check this video to discover how

Let's see


Personalize your dashboard environment to create communication tools
that look like your corporate image.

Feels home in a few clicks
  • Customize your platform look&feel in less than 10 minutes
  • Personalize colors, logo and background to make your app fit your branding
  • Adapt background picture to your user’s categories
Create adoption and retention
  • Create communication tools that look like your corporate image
  • End-users engagement is higher if applications they use is branded
  • Providing a customized dashboard help you to enroll your user in data storytelling
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Build custom dashboards
in a unique collaborative tool

Simplify reporting creation & synchronization thank-to an easy workflow.
Work in a collaborative mode inside a dedicated production environment
& distribute to all your users with a simple button.

Staging & Production

Switch from a working environment to a production environment
in a single click.

Seamless workflow built-in the platform
  • One-click to publish in a working copy to a robust production environment
  • Use a unique Built-in staging to production workflow
  • Communicate and update your data very easily
Reduce the number of manual procedures
  • Use a solution that does not integrate repetitive, painful, and manual procedures.
  • Synchronize updates with a single-click so each modification is available on the app.
  • Notify users of the availability of a new version of the app directly on the platform.

Collaborative edition

Multiple people working at the same time
with version control allowing to track every change.

Share tasks and boost delivery timing
  • App Designers can collaborate and build an app with multiple hands
  • Work on the same project without having to merge multiple works
  • Use cutting edge web technologies to accelerate dashboard design
Follow versioning in a transparent workflow
  • Get access to versioning thanks to Git Technology and follow all the modification history.
  • Tracks all edits made to an application and monitor application designer achievements
  • Restore the previous version of the app if any problems occur

Toucan Toco challenges the indicators provided:
the graphs are designed in relation to business users

Dhahbi Brahim, Chief Operating Officer — Société Générale

Discover the success story

Engage your stakeholders
with attractive Stories

Don't leave your data without a Story. Data and performance indicators deserve
a special role within your organization, with Toucan Toco, you will share consistent
and relevant insights for your business.

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