Deployment and integration

In tune with your existing systems

Prepare your data with an integrated ETL

Powerful, flexible and state of the art ETL
in Python
(Pandas), fully extensible.
Manage your data updates programmatically
with our Rest API.
Clear data workflow: organize your data
preparation in pipelines that can be handled
independently, allowing for partial updates.
Toucan Toco can be plugged to your favorite
ETL tool
(Talend, iPython, Notebook,
Dataïku, Denodo...)

Flexible and fully customizable
data architecture

100+ Connectors

Connect to any data source.
Extensible platform to build
custom connectors

Real Time

Get data in real time with
our real data mode.


Need to track a KPI in real time and another on a monthly basis? Combine live data and
batch processing mode.

More about our connectors

Staging and production
Switch to production in one click

Be serene with data processes

  • Fully customizable validation rules
  • Notifications alerts to keep an eye on your data processing.
  • Schedule automatic data updates:
    customizable scheduler that can manage independently multiple updates frequencies.
  • Simplify maintenance: tracking of operations and errors for an efficient debugging.
  • Get an overview of your full data pipelines from data sources to the stories of your Toucan Toco applications.

More details on our doc :

Let's see

"Toucan is easy to implement
and complies with your
company's security policy."


  • Private cloud fully operated and monitored
    by Toucan based in France with latest security
    certification (SSL Grade A…). Location can be
  • SSO security : give and control access to apps with company's SSO.
  • Automatic and accurate permissions on data.

Deploy anywhere in 2 min

  • Cloud ready to go
  • Launch Toucan Toco in only 3 command lines. For any release, just get the new Docker image, and run your 3 command lines again.
  • Everything you need to run Toucan Toco is in the Docker container. You don’t need to worry about pages of technical requirements.

Ce que nos clients disent de nous,
sur les plateformes indépendantes :

Toucan connect transform interface

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