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Qlik vs Toucan Toco

We may seem to provide the same services and compete
with each other, but we are actually very different

Who are the users?

logo Qlik : IT Experts
logo Toucan toco : Newbies

What is the desired level of mobility?

logo Qlik : Partial
logo Toucan toco : Adaptive design

How is the the user experience?

logo Qlik : Analytic dashboard
logo Toucan toco : Sexy & Simple

What data visualizations do I have access to?

logo Qlik : Complex visualizations
logo Toucan toco : Elaborated Storytelling

What do I need to know about pricing?

logo Qlik : Hidden costs (database licenses...)
logo Toucan toco : Transparent, by user packs
Get a demo now

Get a demo now

Self service BI tool

Data Exploration

"Excel" on steroids for Analysts

Incomplete mobility and
complex visualizations

Required training of several days,
use several hours a week

Complex questions, expert answers

Toucan Toco

Data Storytelling

Powerful Media for Newbies

Real mobility & Educational product :
One default configuration, adaptive design

No required training, regular use,
few minutes per week

"Good novel"
Simple questions, Educational Stories

Data Storytelling Data Exploration

When to choose

Qlik ?

If you need an exploration scenario, like a complete access at your datatbase for self service.

When you don't need to make it accessible to newbie populations like top executives, sales field representatives.

For Exploration for analysts, Qlik is great.

When to choose

Toucan ?

If you need easy access for business users, when you need to communicate Data with sticky UX, when you need to automate your reporting in various corporate departments.

When you don't need to explore data every day.

For Story Telling for newbies, Toucan is the way to go.

Try toucan now

Try toucan now

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Request a demo

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