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Communicating clear insights to our public partners has aligned the collective action aimed at reducing regional deficiencies.

Regional Agency - Jean Rapp, General Manager

Communicate clear & compelling insights

  • Turn your raw data into compellling data stories that are easily understandable by the general public, thanks to Toucan’s built-in Data Storytelling framework.

  • Showcase a modern authority to citizens, the media, and the stakeholders in your ecosystem.

Accessible by everyone, on any support, including PDF

  • Access on any screen size : mobile, tablet, PC, large display screens & PDF with no installation required.

  • Annotable and printable PDF for a communication adapted to your habits.

Full context thanks to our interactive mapping capability

  • Showcase your custom interactive maps in an accessible app, in a just a few minutes.

  • Visualize the impact of your policies at different scales: state, regional, county, city, or neighbourhood.

A customizable portal integrated within your environment

  • Be instantly recognized by the general public thanks to a strong design customization of your portal.

  • 100% operational within your environment in just 2 weeks.

Data Portal for Public Sector Q&A

What is data storytelling for the public sector?

Public authorities, such as government, regions, departments, public agencies or cities have usually already implemented an open date policy. A data portal for data storytelling is the next step in this process : it allows you to make sense of your data, and control the story you want to tell with it. Strengthening your transparency, it is also a strong communication tool to promote your work and results.

Do you provide a data portal offer for cities or regions?

Of course we do! We provide a data portal for any public authority that needs to communicate its results. This includes government ministries, regions, departments, cities and public bodies such as departmental technical agencies or regional observatories.

Can I create a map of a specific region ?

Our mapping tool gives you complete freedom of creation. You can choose the base map you want (do you want to see cities, relief, or rivers?), display a customized map (your city, or even a supermarket), create custom zones and add the markers you want. This map will be interactive : you will be able to explore each zone by clicking on it to see its details. Although this map is the best of its kind, it is also very easy to design. In just a few minutes, a non-specialist is able to create a customized map of your territory.

Can my team easily update the data?

Our data portal is designed to be easy to build and update. Non-technical users will be able to easily update the data, or to add a new chapter to the application.

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