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Financial reporting and management

Keep track of your kpis every day

Connected to your financial data

Build a single source of truth

Engage all your stakeholders with simple, clear mobile apps on every device

A solution for every case

Facilitate the understanding of your performance indicators

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    Decrease your dependence on monthly reports. Evaluate your performance on real time, whenever you want with user friendly dashboards.

    • Track revenue streams across multiple variables
    • Customize how you see financial visualizations
    • See big-picture data — like your cash balance or gross profit margin — without having to request a single report !
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    Financial communication has never been so easy. Publish and present your results so anyone in your company can understand them. Add value and context to your data !

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    Spot your profit and loss. Anticipate deadlines and manage your stocks. Get access to your results anywhere on your tablet or mobile phone.

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    Optimize your predictive analyses to increase revenues and reduce costs. Take informed decisions based on income statement and budget monitoring.

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    Asset management

    Monitor assets fluctuation. Manage your profits and loss. Focus your energy on profitable activities. Toucan Toco helps you maximize your revenue and reduce your risks.

A dedicated offer for finance professionals brought to you with our partner CashStory

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