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  • “BI team is more efficient. Business users are happy. Cloud Infra is leveraged.“

    — BI Practitioner in the Manufacturing Industry

  • “Natively connects with Snowflake. Unlocks your cloud data in record speed.“

    — Data & Analytics in the Services Industry

  • “The cloud platform we’ve been looking for! Great for Snowflake.“

    — Head of Audit in the Finance Industry

  • “Powerful Cloud-based Data Storytelling product that communicates insights effortlessly.“

    — HR Manager in the Finance Industry

  • “Government Official finally equipped with fresh insights on their smartphone.“

    — BI Lab Manager in the Government Industry

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Speed up your migration
with Cloud-based analytics

  • Accelerate your migration to the Cloud with a Cloud-native, Cloud-agnostic, Multi-Cloud Analytics Platform made to scale as you go.

  • Scale even faster using Toucan’s Live Data Connectors : No duplication or remodelling of your data necessary. Connect. Showcase. Just like that.

  • Enhance your team’s workflow with Toucan’s Cloud Provider Engine : access your Cloud Data directly from Toucan and build dashboards faster.

Unlock business value in
record speed with the most
ready-to-go platform

  • Reach high adoption in record time thanks to Toucan’s built-in User Experience and Guided Framework for Storytelling.

  • Empower your data analysts to deploy dashboards faster than ever with Toucan’s no-code Connect, Data Prep and Storytelling Studio modules.

  • Transform your business and see results in weeks thanks to an ultra-agile platform : build and iterate, secure and deploy, communicate and act.

Simplify your BI stack by
opting for a modern, cloud-
native analytics platform

  • Leverage your move to the Cloud to modernize and rationalize your analytics stack, thanks a deeply integrated and complementary cloud-native analytics platform made for Cloud Data Providers.

  • Rationalize your BI tools and reduce costs thanks to integrated workflows; helping your resources create dashboards faster, easier, with no code and witout needing to switch environments.

Toucan’s deep integration to our Cloud Provider has allowed us to modernize our analytics stack, notably by removing aging BI tech.

Elior - Dominique Térosier, CIO


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