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The Data Driven Product Manager

8 Tips to Help Smart Product Managers Make Data Work for Them

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The Data-Driven Product Manager - 8 tips to help smart PMs make data work for them | Product Hunt Embed

This book will help you make the most of your data environment, transforming how you manage products so that you achieve optimal alignment between user needs and product delivery. You’ll learn to:

Support your core business

Find hidden pain points, prioritize development,
and better communicate your value proposition

Deliver products efficiently

Better manage costs and timelines,
and measure user impacts

Create additional value

Create and arm product champions, empower users
with data, and accelerate your release timelines

Learn from the best

Our friends in the industry bring their unique insights as product leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs, sharing their experiences and lessons learned in building killer, data driven products.

  • Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia

    « I am often asked to speak to PMs about how data can drive better decisions and help companies getan edge over their competitors. But here’s the secret: Data alone is meaningless. You can collect all the data in the world, but if you don’t know how to analyze and apply it purposefully, then you have wasted your time. In this practical and accessible book, you will learn not merely how to gather data, but how to use it to build a killer, data-driven product. »

    Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia

    CEO, Product School &
    Author of The Product

  • Jim Semick

    « Data-driven product management is now at the foundation of most successful products. Great product managers combine quantitative data with qualitative customer insights to make meaningful decisions. Data is not only about setting the right priorities but about measuring the success of those priorities – the outcomes. The insights provided here help you do just that. »

    Jim Semick

    Co-Founder &
    Chief Strategist,
    Product Plan

  • Eric Keating

    « With product teams inheriting more commercial responsibility and true ownership of KPIs like adoption and retention, it's no longer an option to be data-driven. This ebook helps PM's understand why and how to level-up. »

    Eric Keating

    VP Marketing,

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