pôle emploi

Reduce turnover
and absenteeism

25% reduction of HR solicitations

8 weeks to deploy amongst 400 directors

80% weekly usage rate


  • 400 directors need to access HR KPIs, but HR department is over solicited.

  • HR department wants to become a true Business Partner.

  • 2 days of waiting time to deliver HR information.


  • Clear & contextualized HR insights accessible in real time.

  • No prerequisites: any device, any data literacy level, all seniority levels.


  • 400 directors have access to clear HR KPIs to better manager their teams.

  • Reduction of HR requests by 25%.

  • Reduction of Turnover & Absenteeism.

Diffusing intelligible and accessible HR KPIs has allowed the HR department to position itself as a true Business Partner.

Aurélien Fénard, HR Digital Transformation Director