Embedded Analytics

Keizai builds a decision-
making SaaS product
from scratch with white
labeled analytics

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WOW effect during demos

5 weeks to build an MVP

Context & challenges

  • Recognized a gap in the market for a first-of-its-kind solution after noticing
    that most competing tools were built for expert users and did not cater to the
    needs of business users who weren’t data savvy

  • Needed a solution that would allow them to go to market fast, customized to fit
    each user category’s needs and built to inform decision-making.

Solutions and use cases

  • Now uses data storytelling best practices to bridge the gap between complex
    data and everyday business users

  • Created a solution to easily visualize and contextualize critical data to
    facilitate quick decision-making and gain transparency across telecom operations


  • Built the product from scratch using Toucan with an MVP that allowed them to jump start conversations with prospects

  • Created a wow-effect during demos and generated positive feedback from prospects

Watch the full Client Testimony

Watch it

We needed a tool that we could white label that was flexible, fast to deploy, and most importantly suited for business users and Toucan was a real showstopper in all those regards.

Xavier Debure, Founder & CEO, Keizai