Communicate Restaurant
Operations insights to
Top Management and
teams on the field

+54% Operational Efficiency

83% reduction on reporting maintenance cost

500 users, 6 seniority levels


  • Slow, unclear, and frustrating in-house reporting. High maintenance costs.

  • Users on the field require access on any device. Mobility is not existent.

  • No clear visibility on global or local restaurant operations.


  • Clear, live, actionable restaurant operations reporting for all seniority levels.

  • Instantly accessible on any device.

  • Data Storytelling puts Restaurant Operations in context for all.


  • +54% operational efficiency

  • 83% reduction on reporting maintenance cost

  • Insights delivered to 500 users on-the-field, within 6 seniority levels.

Toucan’s product and performance have allowed us to reach a record high operational efficiency within the teams.

Paul Quipourt, Transformation Director