DC Power

Embedded Analytics

DC Power drives
growth and transforms
their app & website
with Toucan white-labeled
dashboards on AWS

2 weeks to deploy the first dashboard

+30,000 rows of real time data

cut months-off their lead time


  • Struggled with a few scattered reporting tables that failed to analyze
    live information, share critical business insights and convey the full
    value of their solution.

  • Missed out on key revenue opportunities because they were unable to
    empower users with data.


  • Small team of two to integrate Toucan and build dashboard, just in-
    time for their big product launch.

  • Scaled in the AWS cloud from a few reporting table


  • Easy to understand and customized dashboards with a great UX to
    share real-time business updates.

  • Created new revenue opportunities, cut months of their lead time and
    WOWed customers and prospects, in both pre- and post-sales.

  • Leveraged their existing AWS investments & Capitalized on elasticity
    and scalability

Toucan has cornered the market on customer service and without them, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Courtney Tolle, App Developer - DC Power