Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics

The #1 partner for dashboards inside
your product

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Empower non-technical teams
to unlock dashboarding experiences
for your business users

tech teams

One integration, no maintenance,
Focus on your roadmap,
Leverage your data infrastructure


No technical skills needed,
Full autonomy,
Deploy everywhere


Leading UX & seamless experience,
Built for business users,
Self-service analytics

< 4 weeks to launch
VS several months internally

0 time & money wasted on
set-up & maintenance

0 to 100sof users in
no time

Provide a powerful
toolbox for non-
technical builders

  • No training required with a 0 code studio

  • Tutorials, guided frameworks, chart library, and more

  • Full autonomy with little to no involvement from tech teams

Offer a fully
customized & deeply
integrated experience

  • Customization and white-labeling

  • Insights at the point of decision-making

  • Allow your users to comment, export, ping colleagues

Deliver on your
roadmap with a
scalable architecture

  • Deliver cutting-edge analytics features to your users, fast

  • Easily cope with growth in needs, data and users

  • A tool that innovates for you, no compromises on performance

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How it works

Connect to any
data source

Live data connection
50+ data connectors
Generic HTTP API connector

your users

JWT token authentication

Build dashboards,

Intuitive building Studio
Guided tutorials & template library
UX with white-labeled dashboards

in seconds

No tech intervention
iFrame & web component
Fully responsive

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Embedded Analytics

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What’s your excuse?

My analytics are too specific. I need to develop them myself from scratch.

With +6y of experience in Analytics, we know that every little detail matters. Our goal was to offer a best-in- class experience for both developers and end-users, and we’ve done just that! We built our Embedded Analytics product with everything you need to build the Analytics features you’ve been dreaming of and we went to work for you (and more) to create generic features. You’re free to add any extra features you think are strongly specific and differentiating on top of Toucan.

It only takes a few weeks to build analytics. I don't really need Toucan.

As with any product, building in-product dashboarding isn’t just about the charts… It's a long journey that requires lots of resources. Developing analytics in-house means compromising on UX, performance and scalability due to limited resources and time. We’ve seen it with all the companies we work with! Toucan is finally here to solve all those issues. It’s quick to set up and is flexible enough to match any specific need, present and future !

Why should I externalize my analytics? I’m doing just fine on my own!

Building your own analytics from scratch is a lot of work and requires a lot of internal resources, but choosing the right partner can bring a lot of value to your product! Check out our contribution to the buy vs build debate!

Ready to fast-track
your analytics?

The flexibility to meet you where you are.
The scalability to help you get where you're going.

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