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Unconditional Accessibility & Seamless Collaboration

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Deliver insights on any device
Keep stakeholders notified

Boost adoption with a seamless experience across all devices, with zero support or development costs.

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Build once, deploy anywhere

Access your apps instantly on any channel, without additional development or costs.

Any device will do
  • Adaptive User Experience with a native-like look and feel.
  • Boost adoption through unconditional accessibility.
  • No need for designer skills or specialized resources.
One configuration to rule them all
  • One setup for all devices and screens sizes.
  • Translate your apps without duplicating them
Limited license-free access
  • Adapt your messages for paper and large display screens.
  • Setup a Digital Wall and Executive Summary in clicks.

Alerts & Notifications

Built-in notification system to ensure high engagement & retention

Dedicated Notification Environment
  • Add, edit and configure notifications in a built-in environment
  • Customize notifications per language, event and user categories in just a few clicks.
A platform Made for Action
  • Ensure a strong impact by creating habits.
  • Set up Notification Journeys to assist users at all times, from their onboarding to regular usage alerts.
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Build engagement with true collaboration

Contextualize data with comments and push recommendations

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Collaboration at Scale

Align your entire team and help launch data-driven conversations throughout the company.

Ensured collaboration and alignment
  • Encourage exchanges and strengthen alignment with a live chatbox.
  • Reinforce a common interpretation through comments and glossary.
  • Ensure privacy and security with comments visible to specific groups only.
Export data and insights easily
  • Comment on stories and share them with your teams.
  • Annotate and share stories them with stakeholders in and outside the organization.
  • Download raw data for deep-dive analysis.
  • Integrate it on existing tools, like Slack or Teams

Built-in Calls to Action

Avoid the “So what?” effect by telling your users exactly what to do next.

Decision-Support System
  • Setup your built-in calls to action on every screen.
  • Give relevant recommendations directly on the platform.
  • Ubiquitous decision-support system with proposed next steps through links or actions.
Built-in Calls to Action
  • Provide insight by integrating calls to action related to your screens.
  • Help your users know what to do by recommending the next steps, providing links to other reports, or following a new training program!
Adapt recommendations to strengthen actions
  • Improve information contextualization and integrate videos, links to your internal or external tools.
  • Customize messages according to displayed reports and user types.
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Data in every meeting

Let your organization live and breathe data

Embedded Data Storytelling

Embed stories anywhere you need to share information in a secure way.

Deliver data across all your communication channels.
  • Integrate analytics into your website or directly into your software.
  • Copy a link and embed powerful data visualization where you need it.
  • Streamline data administration and manage distribution in less than a minute.
Turn your analytics into a business partner.
  • Choose to share all your reports or just some visualizations.
  • Contextualize your data and deliver KPIs to your customers.
  • Ensure a good understanding of your metrics with appealing viz.
Integrate visualizations without worrying about security
  • All SAML / OpenId protocol supported to offer a real security process.
  • Connect to your SSO to leverage your authentication system.
  • Manage access rights directly from the platform to ensure accurate visibility control.

Presentation Mode

Animate data-driven meetings like never before

Leverage your data with an engaging experience
  • Set up your presentation in just a few clicks.
  • Optimize interaction during your presentations with Live Chat.
  • Schedule your presentation, create calendar events, receive notifications.
  • Invite people from anywhere to follow your story.
Improve customer experience through the platform
  • Allow viewers to identify and interact directly in a chat environment.
  • Interact directly from the platform and track viewers in real-time.
  • Provide effective message deliverability with customized summaries.
Deliver instant data insights and engage your prospect
  • Increase efficiency when sharing data insights.
  • Engage your audience by creating strong and impactful presentations.
  • Add call to action to turn your presentations into business opportunities.

The only application used on all those available on the tablet.

Laurent Gautier - Local Market Manager — La Banque Postale

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