Deploy & Secure

The most flexible and secure integration yet
Fits any IT environment.

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Clear, fast and transparent Infrastructure Management

Deploy a secure infrastructure autonomously

Advanced Infrastructure Security

Work within State of the Art safety standards & requirements

Highest Grade Certifications
  • Certified SSL Grade A+. Frequent security audits performed on all systems.
  • Compliant infrastructure with all RSSI expectations and RGPD standards.
  • Single-Tenant Protocol maintains customer stack, keeps data isolated.
Granular Control over Safety Processes
  • Toucan is hosted on a private cloud, fully operated by our team.
  • Regular Disaster Recovery Plan tests to cover major incidents.
  • Multiple protection mechanisms: Anti-BruteForce systems, port scanning...
Follow development best practices, implement protection methods
  • Review weak code dependencies with a full time alerting system on GitHub.
  • Each line of code is reviewed, master branches are protected from unreviewed code
  • Docker image are scanned to ensure logical securities

Autonomous Deployment

Select and manage the right environment for your team

Full Client-Side autonomy, full support
  • Clear protocols to set-up and maintain your apps autonomously.
  • Clear protocols to deploy your platform in the environment of your choice.
  • Direct line of support and online documentation available at all times.
Any cloud, any infrastructure
  • All major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud...) and data centers supported.
  • Create your infrastructure in full autonomy: choose your server specification, cloud provider, and database configuration.
  • Our infrastructure is fully coded, enabling us to automate all deployments, updates, server upgrades, and security patch application operations.
  • Workflows are secured via server scripts, each instance is audited.
  • Full security ensured, with a monitoring, backup, test and alerting system.
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Deployment in the Cloud or On-Premises

Flexible web hosting to fit all requirements and meet business challenges.

Cloud Based

Natively designed for the cloud. Access your data safely and in just a few clicks.

Accelerate Time-to-Value
  • Deploy your platform in under an hour.
  • Storage adapted to your needs. Scale accordingly, with ease.
  • Leverage ready-to-use apps,reduce the configuration time of your solution.
Unconditional accessibility, seamless experience
  • Easy to adopt: Accessible on any device, from any browser.
  • Quick to deploy: nothing to install, no manual server connection required.
  • Full control over setting up your network, firewall, database, services and dedicated IP.
Fully managed solution
  • Scalable: automated maintenance, updates, and backups of your service.
  • Reliable: Up-to-date servers and transparent, frequent and automated server updates.
  • Accessible: Access a helpdesk and up-to-date documentation for guidance.

On-Premises Deployment Option

3 command lines is all you need to install Toucan on your infrastructure. Fast, clear, efficient.

Toucan installed on your servers
  • Keep your data within your own environment.
  • Tailor your infrastructure according to your needs, policies, security requirements and architecture.
  • Increase security by accessing Toucan through your own network, possibly without internet exposure.
Lightning-fast installation with Docker Image
  • Install Toucan on your servers with 3 command lines, autonomously.
  • Docker Image Container replaces painful installation and update processes. Everything you need is centralised
  • Clear, quick and guided deployment procedure.

Under the Toucan hood

Discover how to lead an on-premises installation

Let's see

You don’t fly solo

Check our detailled documentation about Security and Infrastructure Details.

Read our documentation
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Accelerate your
operational implementation

Manage operations via scripts that integrate directly into your workflow:
Automate tasks from application creation to production and decommissioning

Script your apps

Automate manual operations and focus on high-value tasks

Scale your app quickly with all-around automation
  • Design configuration files and perform specific commands through server scripts.
  • Facilitate application deployment and speed up platform scalability.
  • Create apps for all subsidiaries, countries or user types, without any manual task.
Automate tasks using an integrated API
  • Update your applications automatically using specific and pre-established criteria.
  • All actions are APIable. Toucan generates JSON readable by a human and actionable by a server script.
Script platform upgrades
  • Adapt your technical requirements to your organization’s growth via automated scripts.
  • Configure the stacks of your platform in a few clicks.

Engage your stakeholders
with compelling Stories

Storytelling is the world’s most ancient and effective communication form.
Don't leave your data without telling its story. Toucan helps you share relevant insights with
your business users, with ease and at scale.

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