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Share the right insight to the relevant user.

Manage access rights at all levels: Apps, Dashboards, Stories, and Datasets.

User Permissions

Configure, monitor and manage user typologies at scale and with ease.

Effortless set-up and high granularity
  • Set up dynamic permission with your users attributes.
  • Configure groups and permissions in a built-in Authentication system.
  • Set granular permissions for apps, dashboards, stories, and datasets.
Ultra-smooth, no-code Row Level Security (RLS)
  • Define custom user filters without DAX formulas or complex data modelling.
  • Manage permissions quickly by applying a mask to report queries.
  • Build a single data request per chart for an infinity of user profiles.

Impersonate Your Users

Test permissions and visibility rights by viewing your work as your user, on the go.

View As
  • Ensure permissions are set as intended. No need to simulate scenarios or connections.
  • Test, adjust and debug Access Rules directly in Staging Mode.
  • Check critical rules to ensure that users only see relevant information.
Test and debug effortlessly
  • Test and adjust permissions in Staging Mode.
  • Save days of development and manual procedures for your QA
  • Finally, get peace of mind with your security rules.

Adaptive Visibility

Align your entire organisation by displaying insights based on a user’s access rights.

Efficient Visibility Management
  • Strengthen data governance with adaptive dashboards adjusted to a user's access rights.
  • No duplication required with adaptive end-user navigation based on user profiles
  • Configure Home Dashboard Views to ensure hierarchical and KPIs accuracy based on a user’s or group’s associated metrics.
Control Who Can See What
  • Allow views on Toucan apps during permission setup
  • Create rules to display stories, chapters, and tiles.
  • Don’t impose any constraints on your data.
Build it once and for all
  • Publish your work once and apply visibility filters.
  • Customize your users' experience directly in the staging mode.
  • Manage visibility at the data level but also at the block level of app.
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Maintain a fine-grained control on user base

Use Authentication Systems tailored to your needs, either with Single Sign-On or via Toucan's secure Authentication System.


Control access to Toucan without managing multiple accounts and passwords.

Control user access with third-party SSO
  • Rely on your identification systems to manage user access.
  • Set up existing user rights and groups.
  • Rely on popular protocols - SAMLv2 and OpenID connect.
Connect quickly and easily
  • Accelerate user access connections and collect only necessary info
  • Single-click connection to limit the storage of multiple logins.
  • Rely on a trusted relationship with your own IdP
Combine multiple SSOs and a local database
  • Add access rights repository to complement your identification system.
  • Mix IdP sources to cover all your identification services.

Local Authentication System

Manage user access rights with Toucan's ultra-secure, built-in authentication system.

Dedicated interface for seamless User Permissions Management
  • Configure access rights to Apps, Dashboards, Stories, and Datasets within Toucan.
  • Ensure local connection to the platform with a secure system.
  • Manage access control without needing to know users' identities.
Use an ultra-secure system to protect authentications
  • Authentication system uses the PBDFK2 algorithm to hash password.
  • Set restrictive security rules when creating passwords.
  • Ensure the impenetrability of user accounts for each client.
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Streamline application management and data availability.

Set distinct admin roles, adapt to your organization and ensure total security of your platform.

Role-Based Administration

Ensure accountability and share responsibilities.

Maintain control over your platform
  • Define clear admin roles: App Builder, App Validator, Viewer, Data Manager, and Full Administrator.
  • Delegate clear responsibilities across your organization to accelerate collaboration and scaling-up.
  • Facilitate platform management significantly.
Secure your applications, ensure process compliance
  • Give your team control over specific parts of the platform.
  • Manage admin roles easily to protect IT processes & requirements.
  • Ensure that the data manager has the ability to manage data.

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