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How our pricing work

We want things to be simple, no hidden costs.

For teams and for Organisations Embedded Analytics for extended Enterprise

This pricing section will be available soon.

Pricing that make sense

Every software company is different.
We do not force you to use our pricing model, instead,
we work with you to align our model with yours.
When you win, so do we. This is not a one-off deal,
it’s a long term partnership.

Beat the competition and avoid churn by offering actionable insights to your non-technical users.

Unleash the value you provide to customers with the fastest time-to-market.

Integrate best-in-class analytics seamlessly.

“ Fast & easy product to deploy, powerful, impactful “

Pricing Hub, Chief Operating Officer

Embedded Analytics with Toucan

Let your product team focus on your core business

Beat your competition in no time

Leverage your data in as little as 2 hours and without any specialist skills. Our guided framework will save your Product team hours of design thinking.

Leverage our best-of-breed web technology

Our APIs and data connectors will help you cover the last mile of your data journey easily. Toucan’s embed technology ensures the best performance to amaze your users with a fast and fluid experience.

A seamless experience for your users

Build a polished app and integrate it in one click. Your users will get the same look & feel they're used to, leading to a higher adoption rate.

Highest value to your users, wherever they are

Thanks to our instant mobility, you only focus on delivering the best value to your customers.

Build vs Buy:

How to choose the right Embedded Analytics Strategy?

Read the article

Frequently asked questions

What is included in our Embedded Analytics offer?

It includes all the value and capabilities of Toucan standard Platform.
To make your embedded analytics last and shine, we provide a first class customer support, take care of the software maintenance, push the latest updates and a let you gain autonomy with our playful technical documentation.

Why should I buy Toucan Embedded Analytics instead of building my own analytics solution?

By trusting our embedded analytics solution, you’ll speed up your go-to-market time whilst serving the best user experience to your users.
For your team, our guided framework empowers non technicals builders to create best-in-class report in as little as 2 hours, easily connected to your data infrastructure, in full autonomy.
For your users, we provide you with the latest web technologies and the best UX on the market to make sure your non-technical users will truly get valuable insights.

How is Toucan Embedded Analytics offer priced?

Our pricing will depend on your deployment requirements (data hosting, data integration, …) and the approximate
number of users who will have access to it. Our promise: you’ll get a return on your investment by simply avoiding
the costs of home-made developments.