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Our clients in action

Success stories

Laurent Gauthier Banque Postale player

Banque Postale

Reinventing the role of salespeople as true business partners

"The only application used on all those available on the tablet."

Laurent Gautier-Falret- Local Market Manager

Alexandre Fantuz Bio à la une player

Bio à la une

Manufacture of a new commercial offer thanks to the Toucan platform

"With Toucan we manufactured ourselves the desired solution, without frustration: a well finished and mobile product"

BIO À LA UNE - Alexandre Fantuz, Marketing and Sales Director

Sophie Gubert Groupe PSA player

Groupe PSA

Control of multichannel media purchases and measuring their impacts

"The tool set up with Toucan Toco is a pillar of the group's digital transformation."

Sophie Gubert - Digital Performance Manager

xavier Boidevezi Groupe Seb player

Groupe Seb


"We are now able to convince, present and digest information"

Xavier Boidevezi - VP Digital Factory


Digitalization of the media kit for marketing and sales teams

"Toucan helps us transform quickly and deeply our action on the market."

Alban Duron - Chief Marketing Officer

Marques Avenue

Digitalization of shopping center management

"Now we have a simple, clear, actionable and effective reporting system to monitor our network's performance."

Patrick Dujeux - CEO


Manage HR KPIs with a single App

"Toucan allowed us to discover the powerful side of reporting: with an open access to the easy-to-use platform, we're creating a sustainable data culture "

NEXITY - Quentin Vanoosthuyse, Social Data Project Manager

Crédit Agricole

Leading the digital transformation of banking branches

"The Toucan Toco app is central to driving and supporting branches. "

CRÉDIT AGRICOLE CENTRE LOIRE - Fanny Sourdou, Head of Multi-Channel Activities


Digital communication of CSR KPIs

"Toucan Toco is a highly innovative solution that meets the needs of our business and most importantly that of our customers. "

GROUPE ADP - Julien Nizzardo, BI and Big Data Project Manager

Euler Hermes

Share expertise through a unique Data Visualisation App

"Mind your receivable by Toucan Toco is a free, fast and unique tool in the trade credit universe "

EULER HERMES - Ilan Goren, Content Manager


Digitalizing Sales Management at a Private Bank

"The result: a single reporting tool that offers a harmonized perspective on sales teams’ indicators "

BNP WEALTH MANAGEMENT - Thierry Noël, Business Performance Manager

Crédit Agricole Aquitaine

Digitalizing marketing campaign management

"The app has really increased our performance and created new topics for discussion within the company "

CRÉDIT AGRICOLE AQUITAINE - Alain Garcia, Head of Multichannel Operational Development

Littoral Normand

Industrialization and aggregation of industrial agricultural IOT data

"RoboMat completely answers the need for data visualization for agriculture digitalization "

LITTORAL NORMAND - Stanislas Desvois, Milk Market Manager


Digitizing the Rental
Management Process

"Toucan changed everything: the options for displaying data allow for immediate visualization, this is a great strength. "

ICADE - Tanguy Lerebours Pigeonnière, Director of Rental Management


Digitalisation of compensation survey results

"Toucan Toco truly highlights survey results and helps customers regain control over their salary project "

DELOITTE - Franck Cherron, Human Capital Partner

Société Générale

Digitalisation of the Executive Committee's reporting

"Toucan Toco challenges the indicators provided: the graphs are designed in relation to business uses "

Société Générale - Dhahbi Brahim, Chief Operating Officer

Automotive Group

Sales performance monitoring and activity management of a dealership network

"Toucan has revolutionized the way business is analyzed within our dealerships and resellers"

AUTOMOTIVE GROUP — Head of Network Coordination


dynamic and interactive reporting of real estate market research

"Toucan Toco allows us to develop a much stronger interaction with our members. "

IEIF - Christian de Kerangal, CEO

Pricing Hub

Speed up the Go To Market of a new data product

"All in all it took us 6 weeks to build the dashboards we aimed for and integrate Toucan in our product. During that period we tested more than 100 version of different charts. "

Pricing Hub - Xavier Casellato, cofounder


human resources management

"Toucan Toco provides the best possible support to HR in the transformation challenges "

GRDF - Patricia Zuk, HR Monitoring Project Manager


Projects management and business empowerment

"Thanks to Toucan, our employees take power in the realization of the app but also in decision making. "

CADIF - Hélène Terrec-Maugan, Head of Customer Care Department


Data approval tool for the company

"The right information, in the right format, to the right person, at the right time. "

CATS - Patrick Perrin, Datavizualisation Product Owner

Trade Match

Dynamic & interactive
restitution of trade data

"TradeMatch is a world trade control tower for our clients, journalists, foreign trade operators "

Euler Hermes - Georges Dib, Lead Economist for International Trade


Share retailer loyalty program performance

"With Toucan, Adéo stores can monitor and analyze the evolution of their customer loyalty KPIs, and thus optimize and adjust their strategies. "

ADÉO - Souhaiel Nouira, Business Domain Leader

Railway Group

HR Performance reporting digitalization

"The teams have taken ownership of the hr data: we easily communicate our indicators on all media. "

RAILWAY GROUP - Head of HR Department Performance Management



Enhance your product with dashboarding & Data Visualization modules

"This solution is top of the game :
we are very pleased to use Toucan every day "

Arnaud Sales - CPO & cofounder



Help SMBs manage their cash
with in-app data insights

"Until now we’ve developed most of our products in-house. But we knew that analytics was going to be different because of the sheer cost & complexities of those features. "

Pierre-Antoine Glandier - CPO & CTO

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