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Dynamic & interactive
restitution of trade data

Trade Match

Visuel interface Trade Match


  • A decision-making tool that helps users choose between risks and opportunities in the export market
  • Make information available and ensure that it is shared
  • Target: Export business activity companies


  • Gather data about 70 countries, 17 sectors = more than 2M data
  • Create a powerful sales enablement tool
  • Moving from a private data seller position to a reference in the industry by sharing its expertise and knowledge in open data

Challenge Helping to decide on export actions and limiting risks

Solution A simple and easy to use app that translates geopolitical and nomic events into actionable data, for companies and all people working in the economic sphere

Results This data visualization dashboard allows to inform and to limit the risks in a period of commercial war

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TradeMatch is a world trade control tower for our clients, journalists, foreign trade operators

Euler Hermes - Georges Dib, Lead Economist for International Trade

Project success team at Toucan Toco

  • Hicham

    Delivery manager

  • Lucie

    Head of delivery

  • Manuel

    Business developer