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Speed up the Go To Market of a new data product

Pricing hub

Visuel interface Pricing hub


  • Deliver a best in class dashboarding experience with the lowest possible development effort, within a few weeks
  • Manage sensitive data flows and hierarchical users authentication scheme
  • Target : Category managers

Key results

  • 50,000 dashboards in production
  • 100 versions of charts tested and deployed without any development
  • 6 weeks from onboarding to release in production
  • A tech team 100% focused on Pricing Hub core mission of improving pricing strategies
See a demo

See a demo

Challenge Launch a new data product with a small tech team, in weeks, while delivering best in class user experience, security levels and scaling potential

Solution Keep the tech team focused on the core AI components of the product. Rely on Toucan Toco technology to create, through iteration sprints and with beta testers, dashboards that display the right KPIs in an easy and actionable way.

Impact The first version of the product shipped in weeks with a dashboarding experience that exceeds Pricing Hub large customers expectations. Pricing Hub is now effortlessly scaling its product to new users.

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All in all it took us 6 weeks to build the dashboards we aimed for and integrate Toucan in our product. During that period we tested more than 100 version of different charts.

Pricing Hub - Xavier Casellato, cofounder

Project success team at Toucan Toco

  • Héloise

    Business Developer

  • Clémentine

    Delivery Manager

  • Jérémy


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