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Enhance your product with dashboarding & Data Visualization modules


Visuel interface Onbrane


  • Target : Financial director, treasurer & traders
  • Add in-app dashboarding aggregating data from various sources
  • Empower non developers so that the tech team keep its focus on Onbrane core mission
  • Respect the high security requirements of the industry

Keys Results

  • 3 sources of data used: data produced by Onbrane platform,
    data proprietary to Onbrane users and data from external sources
  • Visualizations created in full autonomy in 2 weeks,
    Technical integration took 2 days
  • Deployed in Onbrane cloud, connected to Onbrane databases
    through live data, authentication handled through encrypted

Challenge Build the data visualization layer of their product while keeping their tech team focused on their core mission and meeting their industry security requirements and their demanding UX & UI standards

Solution Train their product team on Toucan Studio, deploy Toucan on their cloud infrastructure and plug it to their databases and authentication system

Impact They delivered the first analytics slice to their users in weeks and confirmed the value created. They now move on to distributing PDF reports and using Toucan as the visual brick of their Machine Learning System

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This solution is top of the game :
we are very pleased to use Toucan every day

Arnaud Sales - CPO & cofounder

Project success team

  • Jordan

    Product Manager

  • Clémentine

    Delivery Manager

  • Benjamin

    Sales Manager