Digitize operational management of a network of 700 networked stores

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Objectives and uses

  • Turn a daily reporting of point-of-sale indicators from a paper format into a digital format.
  • Introduce common indicators to improve network performance management.
  • Target: Shopping center managers and managers of more than 700 networked stores.

Key results

  • 2,500 hours of data consolidation saved per year
  • 700 stores integrated into a single reporting system
  • Average connection rate of 5 times/month per users
See a demo

See a demo

Challenge Modernize store management processes within a network and minimize the risk of errors related to manual handling.

Solution Equip center directors and store managers with a global interface, integrating both a tool for collecting performance indicators and an actionable insights reporting system, with a single access to its operational perimeter.

Results Reinvest time spent on consolidating reporting into analysis and implementation of operational actions. From data collection to data restitution, the application now allows simple analysis of the results and performance of the network.

We can follow our activities whenever we are in the office or on the road, on all existing devices.

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