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Industrialization and aggregation of industrial agricultural IOT data


Visuel interface Littoral Normand

Objectives and uses

  • Monitoring farm performance, thanks to the data from milking robots
  • Make recommendations to farmers
  • Target group: Robot and livestock consultants

Key results

  • 25% time saved by consultants in preparation of farm visits
  • Data from more than 100,000 aggregated cows
  • A tool to win back 25% more market share

Challenge Industrially value data from various sources and surroundings so that consultants can improve their performance

Solution Provide consultants with an application that aggregates all farm data to allow them to perform remote analysis

Results A differentiating restitution tool that offers the possibility to compare results and allows for a detailed analysis

RoboMat completely answers the need for data visualization for agriculture digitalization

LITTORAL NORMAND - Stanislas Desvois, Milk Market Manager

Project Success Team at Toucan Toco