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Help SMBs manage their cash
with in-app data insights


Visuel interface libeo


  • Libeo users are mainly business owners, CFOs and accountant at SMBs in the hotel and restaurant sector.
  • Libeo digitalizes all their supplier invoicing: they turn a painful paper process into an automated source of insights. In particular during the COVID crisis it was key for their users to visualize their cash profile to make the right decisions.

Key Results

  • The first visualization was put in production in 5 days.

Challenge Deliver insights to business oriented / hands on managers. Give autonomy to Product Managers to focus the tech team on the core product. Go fast!

Solution Leverage Toucan Toco Embedded Analytics to deliver the perfect UX for non technicals. Rely on Toucan Studio to empower Product Managers. Benefit from a hands on onboarding to deliver value in the first days.

Impact Libeo Product Manager is building and evolving a complete analytics solution to help its business users surface insights from their invoices and better steer their cash.

Until now we’ve developed most of our products in-house. But we knew that analytics was going to be different because of the sheer cost & complexities of those features.

Pierre-Antoine Glandier - CPO & CTO

Project success team

  • Customer Success Manager <br> Embedded Analytics


    Customer Success Manager
    Embedded Analytics

  • Sales Manager <br> Embedded Analytics


    Sales Manager
    Embedded Analytics