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Digitizing the Rental
Management Process


Visuel interface Icade

Goals and objectives

  • Facilitate access to data, making it immediately available to those who require it
  • Target: Property and Asset Managers and the Executive Committee
  • Allow Asset Managers to easily manage client portfolios

Key results

  • Indicators viewed: 150 user sessions per week
  • A single resource for Executive Committee meetings
  • A comprehensive activity report for all users
See a demo

See a demo

Challenge Make operational data accessible and easily comprehensible for Property and Asset Managers, while providing a clear and complete overview of this data for the Executive Committee

Solution Steering indicators are available in a single application, with different access parameters based on user needs

Results Results can be shared and compared, and variations in data patterns can easily be seen, making results easier to understand

Toucan changed everything: the options for displaying data allow for immediate visualization, this is a great strength.

ICADE - Tanguy Lerebours Pigeonnière, Director of Rental Management

Project Success Team at Toucan Toco