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Objectives and uses

  • Better know the daily use of brand products
  • Target: Group managers and external partners
  • Re-establish a climate of trust on a topic that raised mistrust
  • Make user data clear and understandable to people outside the Foodle project

Key Results

  • Stakeholders have direct access to the application
  • Used on partner negotiations
  • Data from the activity of 80,000 people
  • Training of our partner Eulidia in 2 days
    for setting up the application
See a demo

See a demo

Challenge Raise awareness of the internal and external ecosystem on the relevance of the project

Solution Equipping stakeholders with a simple and clear reporting tool

  • Strategic decision-makers and the project team have simplified access to data from the work of 80,000 people.
  • The digital & marketing team has a better understanding of the users of the Group's products.

Results Restores confidence to stakeholders in the relevance of the project

  • The Design First philosophy allows you to focus on the end user to produce the first indicators quickly.
  • The application allows to quickly analyze the performance of marketing and commercial actions on the end consumer.
We are now able to convince, present and digest information

GROUPE SEB - Xavier Boidevezi, VP Digital Factory

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