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Digitalisation of compensation survey results


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  • Visualising compensation survey data
  • Understanding how the company positions itself in the compensation market
  • Target: HR department, component & benefits specialists

Key results

  • Nowadays, 1 dataviz represents 60 pages of the old PDF report
  • Time saving: from 1,5 month of work to 1 night of updating process
  • An app that aggregates 1 million wage data in the database for 450 companies.

Challenge Reinventing how a market research is rendered

Solution Providing an application that can turn a flat and static survey report into a dynamic, instant and secure rendition

Resultats A clearer view of the survey’s results: the application makes it possible to analyse the compensation market, visualise the business’ positioning in an intuitive way, and easily share findings

Toucan Toco truly highlights survey results and helps customers regain control over their salary project

DELOITTE - Franck Cherron, Human Capital Partner