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Digitalizing marketing campaign management


Visuel interface nexity

Objectives and uses

  • Measure the relational intensity implemented within the Aquitaine Regional Bank
  • Manage employee activities in the branch and support with the appropriation of the available tools
  • Target group: market managers and bank branch managers

Key results

  • 88% of testers consider the app to be more user-friendly than current tools
  • Application rated 8/10 by users
  • 2-man days reassigned to the analysis and no longer to the execution
See a demo

See a demo

Challenge Improve the management of marketing resources within banking agencies to optimize customer knowledge

Solution A restitution tool allowing to pass from a raw database to a useful and well-targeted message for effective decision-making

Results A use that is highly appreciated by users and new operational management needs have been identified

Portrait interlocuteur CA Aquitaine
The app has really increased our performance and created new topics for discussion within the company

CRÉDIT AGRICOLE AQUITAINE - Alain Garcia, Head of Multichannel Operational Development

Project Success Team at Toucan Toco

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