Crédit Agricole Technologies & services

Diffuse Digital
insights to 800 users

$850,000 saved every year

8 apps deployed in just 1 year

800+ users across the country


  • IT pushing Legacy BI tool, but low adoption amongst business users.

  • 800+ users spent 2h/week on manual reporting.

  • Unscalable practice to reach 25,000 users / 39 Regional Funds.


  • Toucan replaces aging Legacy BI tool for business reporting.

  • Reporting is automated, clear, easy to access on all devices.

  • Data Storytelling apps are intelligible by all, with no training required.


  • 86% monthly adoption across 800+ users.

  • 8 other use cases deployed in just 1 year.

  • $850,000 saved every year.

Toucan has pushed our understanding of our customers’ online behaviour and needs, thus boosting successful digital initiatives.

Patrick Perrin, Data Visualization Product Manager