Manufacture of a new commercial offer thanks to the Toucan platform


Visuel interface Bio à la une

Objectives and uses

  • Interactive and mobile presentation of the organic panel developed by Bio à la Une
  • Target: Research, Marketing and Commercial teams of organic brands and distributors
  • Switch from a difficult-to-use dashboard to a simple, actionable solution
  • Equipping salespeople with brands to facilitate negotiations with distributors

Key Results

  • App 100% created by Bio in the head thanks to the Toucan Toco studio
  • +100% of turnover realized on the offer
  • 100% of renewed subscriptions
  • Value-for-money investment in 1 month of activity
See a demo

See a demo

Challenge Offer a consumer panel solution to have exclusive information on the organic market in France

Solution Equip the marketing and commercial forces of Bio brands an application presenting all the information of the panel developed by Bio in the headlines

Results Bio à la Une is expanding its offering with a unique tool on the market. Customers can easily access this market information

With Toucan we manufactured ourselves the desired solution, without frustration: a well finished and mobile product

BIO À LA UNE - Alexandre Fantuz, Marketing and Sales Director

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