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Activity management and sales performance monitoring of a dealership network

Network Performance

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  • Aggregate all the indicators of commercial performance in a network of Points of Sale (concessions and resellers).
  • Help dealership managers to understand sales results by product category and geographical area.
  • Target: Sales teams of Dealers and Authorized Resellers of branded automotive parts.

Key results

  • A network of 1,000 concessions equipped
  • 80% usage rate for more than 6,000 network users
  • Improved customer satisfaction in the dealership
See a demo

See a demo

Challenge Ensure simple access to sales indicators to allow an immediate analysis of results by the entire network.

Solution Offer a data visualization application to align dealership salespeople with relevant KPIs and provide a view of the different chains in the network.
Provide concession salespeople with an application available on their tablet presenting the results in a simple and accessible way.

Results Simplify data usage and provide a tool for comparing performance across regions or dealerships.

Interactive reporting that has revolutionized the way we analyze business within our dealership network.

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