Digital communication of CSR KPIs


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Objectives and uses

  • Communicate CSR-KPIs in an innovative way to promote Groupe ADP's policies
  • Target : General public & financial experts
  • From a static report designed for professionals to an attractive, educational and easy to understand platform

Key results

  • 30 interactive graphs that communicate over 400 KPIs
  • Project delivered in 6 months : 3 times as fast as ADP's in-house projects
See a demo

See a demo

Challenge Remain a European reference for CSR by giving an open access to the result of ADP's policies and investments

Solution Deliver a single innovative app that makes CSR data both dynamic and understandable. The app is accessed through ADP's website

Rerults Enhanced communication efficiency and increased understanding of CSR results by the general public

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Toucan Toco is a highly innovative solution that meets the needs of our business and most importantly that of our customers.

GROUPE ADP - Julien Nizzardo, BI and Big Data Project Manager

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