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Share retailer loyalty program performance

Loyalty & Customer identification

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  • Target : Customer loyalty manager and ADEO manager
  • Promote a performance culture within loyalty programs
  • Ensure that all brands are aligned with the key KPI's
  • Have a global and structured vision of the performance indicators of the customer loyalty programs

Key Results

  • Share calculation resources on KPIs: A potential gain of 3 days per man per month and per company
  • Centralize indicators in a common tool for all brands
  • Calculate the ROI of different actions and optimize predictions
  • Gain 1 week/month on KPI calculation and distribution
See a demo

See a demo

Challenge Monitor and manage the efficiency of customer loyalty programs.

Solution Provide the group's brands a common application to centralize the communication of key KPIs

Results A simple & intuitive tool to get the right information right away.

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With Toucan, Adéo stores can monitor and analyze the evolution of their customer loyalty KPIs, and thus optimize and adjust their strategies.

ADÉO - Souhaiel Nouira, Business Domain Leader

Project success team at Toucan Toco

  • Thomas

    Business Developer

  • Pierre

    Delivery Manager

  • Hicham

    Delivery Manager

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