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Back from the Rude Baguette job Fair : What we have learned and tips to candidates !

We were on saturday at the Rude Baguette Job Fair at 104 space in Paris. Here is what we have learned and what we would like to share with future candidates. As a candidate applying for Toucan Toco or any other company in that context, please comment this article with your recommendations for us. Mutual Feedback 😉  Other recruiters, publish your stats !


We spent an awesome day on saturday at the 104 space in Paris for the first Job Fair of the Toucan Toco Team. It’s was intensive and rich. My head and other’s team members are full of ideas and remarks about it. Here is what we have noticed.

What we have learned

  • Only half a day would have been enough
  • You’ve already heard about us or you fell in love with the Toucan that day. That’s great, thanks !  The stand was full from 9h30 to 18h30. Next time we promise,  we will be 4 or 5 people not only  2 : you won’t have to queue too long!!
  • Our stats
    • Total Team : 22 hours,125 Conversations
    • Stand + Goodies + Communication support:  2000€ HT
  • 19h is the end, not 19h05. Sorry Rude Baguette team!
  • We can also do business on a job fair. Hiring is so crucial for tech companies that it’s probably the best event to meet and talk with executives of 10 to 100 people companies in our space. Cool!

What we have noticed : 5 tips to candidates

  • Please do your homework: Read about the company and/or the position before coming to us. 50 companies were here, 1000 people came, everybody can save time if you just have a look on positions. You can also do it during the fair directly ! We will systematically follow up with candidates who did it. We won’t with candidates who pretend to be business developer and are not. It’s okay though if you were attracted by our shiny colors and discovered us that day!
  • Come early. That was a surprise for us but there were a lot of people in the morning. Consequence : we were dead in the afternoon. Advice : come early to get us when our mind is clear.
  • Give us a breath. This is called ‘emphatic language’. We are about to have a complex and intense conversation. We had around 40 conversations each in 8 hours, it means 5 conversations by hour & no breathing time. And I think I’m talkative! Give us a breath by asking us if we need something, or better yet, present ourselves ! That’s details we will remember.
  • Get a clear view and sentences about what you are looking for and start with it. Even if it’s “I’m looking for what I’m looking for” ; « I don’t know what I’m looking for and this is why I’m here but I really want to know what being A client success/A Business Dev/A Software Engineer means in your company ». We play by the rules by having clear and complete job offers, play it too!
  • A CV is ok, it let us a mark of your visit, a business card with your linkedin is even better.

You had the chance to meet Sophie, Pauline, David or Kilian on the fair on Saturday. If you missed it, here are the amazing jobs and internships we are offering : And if you want to learn more about our Team, don’t hesitate to read the interview of Jeremy !     As a candidate, do you have any advice for us to improve the way we talked and introduced Toucan Toco to you ? What was missing? As other companies recruiting that day, what was your stats and your observations? Comments are yours.

Toucan Toco Team


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