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How to build Dashboards for non-technical people? Our Delivery Manager expert – Elisabet Queralto Garzon tells us everything

1- Can you introduce yourself, please?

I am Elisabeth, the Delivery Manager at Toucan Toco since January, I’m 31 years old, and I am originally from Spain but I moved to the Netherlands when I was four and I have been living here since. So, my background is both Spanish and Dutch, but I must say that I’m more comfortable in Dutch culture because I really like the fact they are super direct and very open-minded. To sum-up, all of my social life is in the Netherlands but my family is still in Spain, so I visit them every couple of months and it’s nice to be there because of the food and the warmth of the people.


To tell you about my hobbies, I love to travel, to explore different types of cultures, and learn about them. Actually, I have traveled a lot during my studies and each time it was a great experience. Other things that I like to do is that I like to be creative, taking pottery courses, and I love to paint as well. Even though I am not really good at it, it’s a good way to spend some time for myself. Apart from the creativity side, I am fond of outdoor sports like surfing, skiing, and hiking. This is so much fun and to enjoy the water and stay active.


Professionally speaking, at the moment, I am on-boarding the new Delivery Manager Wijnands Merel who is joining the Netherlands team because I am six months pregnant and preparing for the arrival of my baby.

2- What is your job position at Toucan and what are your missions?

I am a Delivery Manager at TTC, and you could describe me as both a Product Manager and Customer Success Manager and I’m working on the Dutch market. So, my role consists of two things actually:


First, I am a Product Manager, so I’m responsible for the execution of the project with my clients, really hands-on helping them to build the tool. The role is to know here how the tool works, to build it with them, or to train them on how to build it. So I am executing projects when we have new clients, but I am also responsible for managing the accounts of long-term clients, so it’s more of a relationship management/ account management and that role is the Customer Success Manager.


Normally, at Toucan Toco they are two different roles but as the Netherlands team is small, I am doing both. To explain a little bit about the Customer Success Manager part is that I am responsible for making sure that the clients remain happy with Toucan Toco in the long term. So after they have built the tool, and they are working with it, usually the Delivery manager steps out and his mission is over. But this is where I stay, to make sure the end-users are using the platform well and checking on them on a monthly basis. If they have questions on how to use the tool, increase the tool, or have any needs I am here for them.

3- In your opinion, what are the essential qualities to do this job?

For a Delivery Manager, it’s important to be quite technical in the first place because you need to understand how the tool works technically, but you should be interested also in data. How does data work? Understanding the complexity behind data or what kind of data might customers have? And how they store it. So that’s quite technical and I might say the « nerdy » part of the role.


Another important part of the role is to be social because you are the project leader, so you are the person at the center of the project making sure that everyone does his job. It’s important that you feel comfortable in that kind of situation. Plus, the relationship part is very important.


Then, to be a good Project Manager it’s important to be quite detailed because when you create a Toucan Toco application, it needs to be absolutely perfect with no mistakes. The typical quality of a project manager is definitely to be “detail orientated” and a “good timekeeper” to be able to push the project in the right direction and push the people doing their work respecting the deadlines.


That’s an interesting role and quite unique because as a Delivery Manager, you combine technical and social abilities in the same job. To be transparent, this is what I like the most about the role. I appreciate having these different aspects of the role and it’s kind of a lot of fun having them both, even though It can be challenging to find a good balance sometimes.

4-Have you always worked for a tech company or in the tech sector?

Yes, I did experiment different types of things, for example, I started in a non-profit organization named ( as a Project manager, but generally, before Toucan Toco my main experience was with software companies because it was more aligned with what I was looking for.


In the beginning, I started in the non-profit sector because it was important for me to make sure that the work I did was valuable for the world. As I am a very detail orientated person and timekeeper, typical Project Manager things, so I felt comfortable with this role, then I realized that non-profit is a slow business. It’s very difficult to get financial resources to have a good impact and become better. So I liked that experience but understood that I wanted more energy because I have a lot of ideas to improve the business, but in the end I couldn’t do it because we didn’t have enough money for it. That’s why I decided to go to the software environment because this industry is evolving really quickly.



After, I was employed at Effectory which is an HR tech company and a combination of « tech and touch* ». They are doing employee research, and send out questionnaires to all the employees to different companies to understand if the people are happy for whom they worked for.


As they were managing very large organizations, I worked for Ikea for example that had a hundred and eighty thousand employees. So it’s not as easy as sending them a questionnaire, and getting back the results from the software, but it’s really about managing the project and helping the company to manage the software/ implementing the project worldwide.


Then I quit my job because I wanted to travel and as in this company as I already did a big project with Ikea, so I kind of thought there is no room to grow anymore and I want to do something else. So after that, I went to Bali in Indonesia to practice Yoga for eight months and then I joined Toucan Toco in January, doing my onboarding and I came back to the Netherlands.


Unfortunately, we went into lockdown quite quickly, so I couldn’t come to the office in Paris.


*Tech and touch: you don’t only offer the software to your client but you also offer the Project management part.

5-What motivated you the most to work at Toucan? The job in itself, its missions, its career perspectives, or the values?

It’s a combination of things; so the first thing that attracted me was the culture and the values. During my job search, I went to Glassdoor and I selected vacancies based on the filter « how many stars you get from your employees », and that’s how I found TTC.


Later, during my interview process, I was talking to the team and I noticed how everything starts really from the people here. Everyone is super motivated, you can really feel that they are very happy to work at Toucan Toco, really involved in the business, and they really want to make things evolve. I could feel a lot of energy and I know that if people are happy doing their job, their motivation is kind of contagious.



And the other thing that I was looking for was to really have that combination between Project Manager and also keep a technical part because I really love to have several parts in my role, so that’s another thing that attracted me at Toucan Toco.


Speaking on the solution, I love the way they presented themselves as well. For example, if you look at other data companies Toucan Toco clearly positions itself in a really modern way by offering a tool that is really new and perfect for end-users as well. So I love the fact they are making sure that what they built is good for everyone and not only for data analysts.


For all of those reasons, I applied and now I am happy to be part of the team.

6-According to you, what’s the biggest value the customer got out of our analytics offer?

Basically two things, the ease of use of the tool, for customers, it’s really quick and easy to set up an application and this is absolutely different from what is available on the market at the moment. So if you work with Toucan Toco, either you are developing the app yourself or you have a Delivery Manager to do it for you. In both ways, it’s gonna be fast and provide you value and results in a short notice without any complicated or long process.


The second thing, and I think it’s very valuable for customers is the fact that Toucan Toco is really user-friendly for the end-users. We will always make sure to talk to our customers to see what are the needs for the people who are going to use the app’, it’s key for them! To fulfill that mission, we will always come back to this point: Why do you want this story*? Why do you want to implement the app? And we are going to challenge our customers to choose which KPI’S are interesting to show it to the end-users.


The application we’re gonna build will suit their proper needs and not show all your KPIs no matter what.


Story*: Story is an account of incidents or events and data storytelling allows you to communicate complex figures and information by transforming them into visual objects to tell a story

7- How does the analytics feature impact customer business growth?

For example if you are a client that has employees that are not very data-driven and that’s the case of most companies at the moment, but you still want them to understand the data that comes from the business, so they can act from it. So, the Toucan Toco application will make sure that the data is available for them and the end-users, and they can make great business decisions based on the data. That’s gonna be priceless for them and the business of the company of course. I can mention so many industries where data is there but not really available for the end-users and it’s not going to impact them, that’s why at TTC we really try to build a bridge between that gap.


To give you a concrete example, Eden hotels is a hotel brand which has multiple hotels in the Netherlands, and every hotel was kind of organized in an individual way including data. But as the hotel brand wanted to make sure that every hotel manager has access to the right data, they requested a Toucan Toco application.


So we gather all the data from the different sources, and we created one platform where each Hotel Manager can have access to the platform and see the performances and results of their own hotel. The value of this is now every Hotel Manager can look at how they are performing based on the same KPI’s, and compare themselves to others and grow based on that.


8- Can you tell your best project story/memory? And why did this project make a particular impression on you?

I remember an application made for Philips but requested by the company ISS, one of their partners, who manages the buildings for Phillips.


This facility management company wanted to provide Phillips with the information of how their facilities are doing with the Covid-19 crisis worldwide. If the facility is open/ close/ partially open and what are the risks of the Covid-19. Are they in a high-risk Covid-19 country? They wanted to share what type of action they did to work during the Covid-19. So the interesting part was not just coming from a source from somewhere but people that have to fill in the data. So we needed to help them to implement an input interface. Even though Toucan Toco usually doesn’t help the Customers to gather data, (because we are meant to show the data that customers have already ), here the client really needed an input interface, to help the facility manager to fill the data into the platform. So I tried another tech tool inside the Toucan Toco platform and it works! What I love in this story is that I evolved the Toucan Toco offer by using the initial process. As we are dedicated to our customers, Toucan Toco has this flexibility and agility that allows innovation and sometimes the freedom to create.


9- What are you gonna do after this interview?

As I was away for 2 weeks, I need to catch up on emails and my Slack messages, so I am gonna try to answer them all. Then I have a puppy named “Freds”, so I will probably take him outside for a walk.


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