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How a Delivery Manager is key to Customer happiness? – Elisabet Queralto Garzon tells us everything

1- Can you introduce yourself, please?

My name is Elisabet and I work as a Delivery Manager at Toucan Toco. I am originally from Spain, but I moved to the Netherlands when I was four. I consider myself to be both Spanish and Dutch. My life is in the Netherlands but most of my family is still in Spain, so I visit them every couple of months. I love my trips to Spain, it feels like a real treat to go there. I mainly enjoy the weather and the food.

One of the things I really love to do is travel and explore different cultures. Last year I spent 7 months in Indonesia, exploring the islands and I had an amazing time. Besides that I also like to experiment with handicrafts. I enjoy making pottery and painting. I wouldn’t say I’m very talented but it’s a good way to spend some time for myself. Apart from the creativity side, I am fond of outdoor sports like surfing, skiing, and hiking. This helps me to stay active and release stress. .


I am currently onboarding Merel Wijnands, who will be working as a second Delivery Manager in our team in the Netherlands.

2- What is your job position at Toucan and what IS your mission?

As a Delivery Manager I work both as a Project Manager and a Customer Success Manager. My role is twofold:


As a Project Manager, I’m responsible for the execution of a project with my clients. This role requires me to be hands-on, helping my clients to build and implement the tool. I am an expert in the configuration of the app. , I build the app for my client, or I train them on how to build it themselves. Secondly, I am responsible for a portfolio of clients in the long term. Making sure they are satisfied with our services and see how we can constantly improve our cooperation.

3- In your opinion, what are the essential qualities to do this job?

As a Delivery Manager, it’s important to be both technically savvy and data oriented. This is what I call the nerdy part of the role.


To be successful in this role, you also have to be a person that is hands-on, social and detail oriented. This is more linked to the Project Management side of the role. You are the project leader, so you are the person at the center of the project making sure that everyone does their job. It’s important that you feel comfortable in that kind of situation. Making sure that the project runs smoothly, and the stakeholders are happy in the process.


It’s an interesting role and quite unique because as a Delivery Manager, you combine technical and social abilities in the same job. These contrasting aspects are what I like most about the role. It makes my work challenging, and that’s what I enjoy!

4-Have you always worked for a tech company or in the tech sector?

Before I started working at Toucan, I worked at Effectory, a company that works in the field of employee engagement. Effectory is a tech company, but also offers Project Management services. They call it « tech and touch* ». I enjoy working as a Project Manager because I love to work with different stakeholders, and I am good at timekeeping. Besides that, I love working in tech because it’s a growing industry with endless opportunities. Tech companies, especially in a startup / scale up phase, grow fast. I really enjoy being part of a fast-paced environment where my work impacts the growth of the company.



After my travels to Indonesia, I decided to look for a young startup in tech and data. That’s when I found a great offer at Toucan Toco. I am very happy I applied for the position, I work here with a lot of pleasure since January 2020.


*Tech and touch: you don’t only offer the software to your client but you also offer Project Management.

5-What motivated you the most to work at Toucan? The job in itself, its missions, its career perspectives, or the values?

It’s a combination of things; the first thing that attracted me is the culture and the values. During my job search I went on Glassdoor and I selected vacancies based on the filter « how many stars you get from your employees », and that’s how I found TTC.


Later, during my interview process, I was talking to the team and I noticed how everything is driven by positive energy. . People are very motivated and dedicated. Working at Toucan, you can feel a lot of energy and when people are happy in their work, their motivation is contagious.


Speaking about the solution, I love the way Toucan Toco presents itself as well. For example, if you look at other BI tools, Toucan Toco has a really young and fresh way of positioning itself. . They emphasize the importance of reaching as many users as possible, to make companies more data driven from the bottom up. I love the fact that they built a tool that is good for everyone and not only for data analysts.

6-According to you, what’s the biggest value the customer got out of our analytics offer?

In my opinion there is one thing making Toucan really stand out, the ease of use of the tool for both the designer of the platform as well as the end users. My customers can build an application in just a couple of days. This implementation time is very unique if you compare it to what is available on the market at the moment. So if you work with Toucan Toco, either you are developing the app yourself or you have a Delivery Manager to do it for you. In both ways, it will be fast and provide you value and results in a short period of time without complicated or long processes.


Besides that, Toucan Toco is very user-friendly for the end-users. During a project we will always emphasize the importance of the needs of the end-users of the platform. Asking them questions like: what is the value of this story*? Why do your users need this app? We will also challenge our customers to choose which KPI’s are most important to implement.

Story*: Story is an account of incidents or events and data storytelling allows you to communicate complex figures and information by transforming them into visual objects to tell a story

7- How does the analytics feature impact customer business growth?

For example, if you are a client that has employees that are not very data-driven and that’s the case of most companies at the moment, but you still want them to understand the data that comes from the business, so they can act from it. So, the Toucan Toco application will make sure that the data is available for them and the end-users, and they can make great business decisions based on the data. That’s gonna be priceless for them and the business of the company of course. I can mention so many industries where data is there but not really available for the end-users and it’s not going to impact them, that’s why at TTC we really try to build a bridge between that gap.


To give you a concrete example, Eden hotels are a hotel brand that has multiple hotels in the Netherlands, and every hotel was kind of organized in an individual way including data. But as the hotel brand wanted to make sure that every hotel manager has access to the right data, they requested a Toucan Toco application.


So we gather all the data from the different sources, and we created one platform where each Hotel Manager can have access to the platform and see the performances and results of their own hotel. The value of this is now every Hotel Manager can look at how they are performing based on the same KPI’s, and compare themselves to others and grow based on that.


8- Can you tell your best project story/memory? And why did this project make a particular impression on you?

I made an application for a hotel brand in the Netherlands. We build an app to help hotel managers to track the performance of their individual hotel, and also to compare it to other hotels of that brand.


Before implementing the app, they were using old fashioned excel sheets to look at their performance. As a hotel manager, you don’t always have the time to dig into these numbers.The need of a hotel manager is to be able to unlock his phone in the elevator, on his way to a meeting and to see the performance of his hotel the day before. Toucan has made this available for him.

9- What are you GOING TO do after this interview?

As I was away for 2 weeks, I need to catch up on emails and my Slack messages, so I will try to answer them all. Then I have a puppy named “Frits”, so I will probably take him outside for a walk.



See a demo

See a demo


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