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Staff Interview – Django Bouchez – How a Delivery Manager plays an important role in the success of a start-up?

1. Can you introduce yourself, please?

My name is Django, I am 26 years old, I live in Montreuil, a small suburb next to Paris, I am an amateur brewer and passionate about new technologies. I went through an IT DUT (Paris V) then a Master MIAGE and SIC (Paris I), offering a complete technical-functional skill. After completing my work-study program at LCL company, where I was hired after my studies, I held various positions in the IT Systems Department: technology watch, BI developer, team leader dataviz’. And now I am a Delivery Manager at Toucan Toco for the past two months.


2. What is your job position at Toucan TOCO and what are your responsibilities?

The task of a Delivery Manager is varied: data vizualisation, project management, pedagogy and can be divided into three main parts:


  • Support our clients or partners in the implementation of their data storytelling or reporting projects.
  • Train our customers or partners so that they are as autonomous as possible on the Toucan Toco tool.
  • Improve the product and enrich the documentation in good collaboration with the internal teams.


Here’s a cool example of one of our applications



In a way, a Delivery Manager is the “Movie Maker” of data. My task starts from a problem or a customer need, I answer it with data and I set it all the frames to action with the best practices of data visualization to make it tangible and actionable. ACTION! 🎬

3. In your opinion, what are the essential qualities to do this job?

  • An expert in the product you’re handling
  • Be organized in project management with customers. To do this, the agile method used at Toucan is a real help in the management of data.
  • Be flexible and listen to the customer because at Toucan it is our priority while keeping in mind a very short time to market.

4. Have you always worked for a tech company or in the tech sector?

Uh, let’s just say “always in a tech world”, but not always in the tech world. Before joining Toucan, I did a quick startup stint at Lemon Way, as a developer, during my DUT internship. After that I spent almost 7 years at LCL, in the Information Systems Department, first specializing in innovation and then in data!


5. What motivated you most to work at Toucan? The job itself, its missions, its career perspectives, or the values?

To be honest, I’ve been following Toucan’s growth over the last 4 years on the networks and what has appealed to me the most is the dynamism and the way the company differentiates itself from its competitors. Furthermore, it’s the values and personality of the team members, which is reflected in the company, that motivated me. Original and interesting, they made me want to be part of the adventure and to grow up within one of the leaders in technology.

Concerning the job itself, what I appreciate the most is the pedagogical part, the opportunity to discover other sectors of activity and also to be in direct contact with customers, from C-Level to operational managers, via project managers: a very rich vision! Finally, this position allows me to develop the product from the inside, and the idea of being able to have an impact appeals a lot to me.




6. According to you, what’s the biggest value the customer got out of this analytics offer? 

During the course of my career, I have had to consult and observe dozens of dashboards of all kinds, either internally or externally (trade shows, conferences & workshops). The observation is irrefutable: making an intelligible dashboard, simple to use, and which brings value to the business is complicated! It requires time, resources, and above all the right profiles, with the right vision, knowing how to challenge the business.


In the past, I have had to consult and Toucan Toco focuses this expertise and deploys it on a large scale through its product and methodology. By following us, you won’t miss your target because we offer a framework that has proven itself and that may convince you too!


Concerning the offer, Toucan Toco differentiates itself from other market players by its accessibility, its methodology (design first approach), and its pedagogy which allows us to guide our clients/partners to develop our solutions in their systems. All of this allows us to bring value to their business and enrich their data literacy.

7. How does the analytics feature impact customer business growth?

I’d answer in two parts:

  • Today most of our customers have BI tools, a lot of data, and hundreds of reports. Yet operational managers are asking for new dashboards because the tools are not suitable for them and the adoption rate is very low. You can’t ask all your employees to become analysts or build specific dashboards on Excel/PowerPoint, you have to align them with a single vision and a single vocabulary. Without Data Literacy, without piloting, without this vision, it will be complicated to federate. Toucan is aimed above all at professionals and non-technical people. Our strength lies in supporting your company’s data transformation and aligning our users with a single, unified vision.
  • Recently, we have been offering our clients the possibility of an embedded data storytelling solution so that they can equip their own customers, enhance their data, and generate revenues. This offer is recent but we master it well. As proof, the G2crowd platform has just ranked Toucan as a leader in this field.



8. Can you tell your best project story/memory? And why did this project make a particular impression on you?

My strongest memory is my employment by remote work. Indeed, leaving my company and starting a new job remotely is quite rare and therefore an unforgettable memory! 🙂 However, I was trusted very quickly, and I am already working on half a dozen projects. Finally, my first evening with the team members after the lockdown Toucan Toco definitely knows how to reconcile fun and hard work.


9. What are you gonna do after this interview?

I’m going to continue the turbo training of a client-designer and help her build a great data storytelling application in a week to impress her Comex … starting next Monday! Challenge accepted! 🙌



Our mission: tell Business Performance Stories through interactive Data and Data Storytelling.


Our users: Marketing, Production, Finance, Human Resources, SalesForces,o and Top management of Big Companies.

From 4 partners to 90 employees in 5 years, we were self-financed until 2019, thanks to the support of more than 100 clients, for more than 300 projects, including Renault, Crédit Agricole, Elior, Icade, Nexity, EDF, GRDF, BNP Paribas, Heineken, Marques Avenue, Euler Hermes, BIC, SNCF… We have completed our first funding from Balderton Capital and the former founder of Business Object to accelerate our development in the United States.


Small apps are mobile, easy to use, made for action, and easy to set up in any information system.

See a demo

See a demo


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