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French engineering teams published more than 1 article per day in 2019

French companies have already published more than 365 tech articles in their engineering blogs in 2019. An engineering blog is a medium to communicate about the work of the tech teams.

This article was written in collaboration with Ari from Guriosity


Engineering blogs are very popular in the US to recruit software engineers, find new clients in the B2D (business-to-developer) market and give back to the community. French engineering blogs are taking off this year.


In this article, we are featuring the tech blogs from 35 companies in the B2B, B2C and B2D markets. The data was gathered by Guriosity and does a best effort to exclude promotional-only articles.


Let’s have a look at the most active blogs and what they’ve been writing about.


Criteo comes first, B2D companies second!

The most active engineering blog of 2019 goes to Criteo with 46 articles published in 2019. Criteo employs hundreds of engineers in Paris and other offices, which can help to get more articles published. Still, writing is no easy task.


Criteo migrated their tech blog in 2019 to Medium, a platform that simplifies the writing experience. No surprise there, more than 80% of the engineering blogs are published in Medium.


The next three most active engineering blogs are Algolia, Sqreen and OVHCloud that are all B2D companies with products targeting software engineers.


The rest of the top 10 consists of B2C and B2B companies, led by Dailymotion, Younited Credit and Stuart.

Specialist blogs vs generalists

OVHCloud was the most active contributor in the DevOps category and Sqreen in the Best Practices category with several articles on Security.


In the Backend category, the Getaround Europe team (ex: Drivy) published 8 articles mostly on Ruby. In the Mobile category, Stuart took the time to publish 6 articles on how they write mobile applications with Flutter. In the Product category, ManoMano leads the top with 6 articles.


My favorite pick goes to Younited Credit team that published 19 articles in multiple categories including Backend, Frontend, Best Practices, DevOps and Organization. Similarly, Doctolib published several articles on web development on Ruby, Testing and React.


Special mention goes to Alan, Dailymotion and Qonto for their four articles each where they share their engineering culture.

Most popular topics were testing, React, deep learning and Kubernetes

Testing was a popular topic with contributions from 8 companies. On the framework side, React was the absolute winner with articles published in 8 blogs. In the product category, there were several articles on Product Management, UI/UX and Analytics.


There were 6 companies writing about their usage of deep learning, including several popular articles from the Hugging Face team on NLP. Similarly, 6 companies shared their best practices for Kubernetes.


In the data engineering category, Kafka and Airflow show the most use cases. Several companies also shared their engineering culture, with a rising number of companies writing about their data strategy and how they implement DataOps.

How is 2020 going to look?

Publishing technical articles as part of your work is hard. It takes time, courage and support to publish a good article. At Guriosity, we believe all tech teams have tremendous value to share.


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Wonder where those cool graphs are coming from? Of course they’re Toucan made and of course you can embed them in your own product 🙂


The dataset, graphs and articles will be updated at the end of 2019 to include the articles published in December. The graphs were made with this public dataset.



Article written by Florent & Ari

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