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User case

How dashboards can assist with Fleet Management

Large companies will often need to manage a large fleet of vehicles. This requires a lot of time and a variety of different skills. Fleet management facilitates the organization of these vehicles. In this article, we’ll take a look at ...

Big Data

How your company can make the most of Big Data in 2018

The concept of Big Data suggests an awareness of the immense quantity of information available to companies and other organizations, as well as the strategic opportunities that this information represents. The result is a significant shift in the culture and ...


Four rules to build KPIs that make sense !

KPIS enable managers and employees to assess the effectiveness of their actions. They are related to the objectives and strategy of the company : KPIs can facilitate the decision-making process. But how to give meaning to these indicators ?

Data Storytelling

Reporting : How to choose the right graph for your data

Every day, we process data at work; therefore, we must be able to understand and master data performance about website traffic, business performance data, and also employee management. This is something every person tries to understand and grasp information from. ...