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User case

Nexity launches a data storytelling tool for their HR reporting

In order to track and share their HR reporting more effectively, Nexity uses Toucan Toco’s data storytelling solution to integrate and view HR performance data. With this initiative, Nexity’s HR department was able to complete their 5-year long digital transformation ...


How Spotify is revolutionizing management thanks to autonomy

Spotify is the perfect example of a large agile company. This is a case study of good managerial practices. In 8 years, their workforce has grown to 1,500 employees and the company has maintained its drive and ability to innovate. ...

marketing department

Top 10 Marketing Kpis Every Marketer Should Be Measuring !

In an increasingly data-driven industry, marketers have to objectively demonstrate the efficiency  of their actions with KPIs. However, many marketers feel unsure about which relevant metrics should be measured…  Toucan Toco’s experts help you choose the most valuable marketing KPIs ...

Business Intelligence

CSR: Improving your CSR reporting

CSR is an important part of a company’s operations. It implies the need for companies to be accountable for their actions. To do this, various different CSR reports are necessary, which allow for prompt decision-making. CSR reporting must be a ...