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Digitising Financial services with La Banque Postale

Laurent Gautier-Falret is in charge of the Local Authorities division at La Banque Postale, the leading financial partner for local authorities since 2015. The bank’s activity in this context revolves mainly around loans.

User case

6 steps to an easy and effective HR dashboard

Understanding the data created by the entire organization is a major issue for all HR stakeholders. This englobes HRIS, training, social data and CRM. Going through a digital transformation requires decision makers to ask the right questions about the data they ...


Dashboard building 101: The Golden Rules

A dashboard is a visual representation of your work. It gives decision makers a way to easily visualize their company’s performance and projects in real time. Dashboard building must meet specific criteria, and you’ll find out about ours in this ...

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Death by powerpoint : reporting automation to the rescue

To challenge my passion for user friendly and well-designed tools, I came up with a great idea: submitting myself through 5 days of “fun” with PowerPoint. In the end automated reporting wins every time. 

Data Storytelling

Small Data is the new Big Data

Do you know how many times you’ve felt frustration this week ? Or how many people thanked you for your job ? The autors from Dear Data know all of that ! They’ve started to get interested in these “small” ...