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Retail department

How to make financial department in retail activities great again?

The financial sector plays a key role in any retail-oriented type of business. Investment and sales performance data, as well as omnichannel paths,  pave the way to success. For a smooth data transmission, all departments must be aligned. Meaning that ...

Retail department

9 KPIs Every Retail Manager Should Track in 2019

Data-driven culture has revolutionized the retail industry. Why ? The monitoring of  retail analytics, like KPIs, have enabled several players to gain market share by offering ultra-personalized offers.    

Retail department

The future of retail analytics [The 5 ultimate trends]

In 2019, online shopping volumes exceeded in-store shopping for the first time. Faced with the rise of this competition, traditional stores are becoming aware that their leadership position is weakened. To maintain their hegemonies, many companies have decided to review ...