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9 tips for Nailing your Job Interview with Us

I’m a Recruiter at Toucan Toco, and after consulting these articles I realized that most of them are not applicable to our company.

And this is not really surprising! Just as every person is different, every company is different 🙂

That’s why I wanted to do this article on how to make your interview with us a success.


Some of them can be used in your general research, and others are quite specific to Toucan Toco.

Nevertheless, I hope it will be useful, and feel free to put your suggestions in the comments!

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1. Don’t try to impress at all cost, be yourself

From my experience, The most important advice that I could give to a candidate is to be yourself. This advice particularly applies to Toucan Toco, but, really it should apply to all your interviews.


It is a common pitfall during an interview to try to extend our skills. As a candidate, we want to show ourselves at our best and not disappoint the recruiter. However, the risk is to be employed for tasks that are not ours, or with which we are insecure.


“Well, if I do not standardize my speech/say what the recruiter wants to hear, I will not get the job” – some may say.

Well, you should ask yourself “Do I really want to work for a company that wouldn’t have hired me if I had been myself”?

Never forget that an interview is always a two ways road: we, as recruiters are here to evaluate if you are suited to the position, a team fit, and a cultural fit. You, as a future potential employee, you are here to evaluate if you are qualified AND interested in the position, able to project yourself with the current team, and can relate to the values & culture of the company.

Warning: this doesn’t mean that you should be “chillax” or not prepare your interview. It means that you should respond with transparency when it comes to your professional ambition and the values that matter to you. 


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2. Be on time

Do I need to develop? This is a must, always be on time.

And if you are not? Let your interviewer knows! Life happens, even the best of us got late at least one time in our lives. And if you have a genuine good excuse, and keep us in the loop, we will do our best to make the interview happen!

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3. Be pragmatic & synthetic

The short way is the highway! Part of our values is “each one teach one”. In view to teach someone, you need to be synthetic, and understandable.

Here is an example of a question we love to ask during interviews to evaluate your ability to be pragmatic and synthetic :

  • How would you explain your job to your grandmother?

We work in a digital environment, with notions or tools that are sometimes complex to understand for people who have not grown up with digital tools. Moreover, some of the jobs for which we are applying did not exist ten years ago!

By asking you to describe our product, activity & your job as simply as possible, you highlight your pedagogical quality.

This capacity is important to us because it is precisely the core of our business. Our product consists of transforming something that seems complex (data) into a very simple reality (data storytelling). In line with this promise, we expect from you a simple and impactful speech, rather than a speech that is certainly sophisticated but not very comprehensible.


4. Examples, Examples, Examples: Did I mention I want Examples?

This is a huge mistake done by many candidates. You often hear that they should be synthetic, so you attend to keep it short and don’t go into a lot of details.

Whilst you want to be synthetic when describing tasks/missions you’ve undertaken in the past, you also want to give a concrete, quick example to illustrate. This will allow your interlocutor to understand better your profile, as well as give him confidence you’ve actually done it.

5. Be curious

As mentioned before, an interview is a two-way street. We want to find out more about you, so we will ask you a lot of questions. And you are entitled to ask as many questions as you want too.

You are choosing your future employer and future job; the place where (finger crossed!) you will spend the next couple of years. It is important that you check we are meeting your main search criteria!

And, in view to make the best decision, you should ask questions about us. Not only the product but also the people, your future team, the values, our work methodology, etc.

And, to be honest, as an interviewer and a team member, listening to your question gives me a pretty good insight regarding what you are looking for, and what matters to you.


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6. Don’t be afraid to discuss the tricky topics 

If you haven’t understood something, or if you have doubts/questions on a specific subject, then say something.

I know it is said very often that you shouldn’t discuss salary until the company does, or shouldn’t openly discuss the doubts you might have. Some may say that it could reduce your chance to get the job.

This is not true with us. Why wasting time in a long, challenging recruitment process, if we are not aligned salary-wise? If we discuss this openly, then we might or might not find an agreement. But, in all cases, none of us would have been kept in the dark, and we wouldn’t have wasted any one time.

Same with your doubts, or interrogations. If we don’t know them, how can we respond?

Toucan Toco is recruiting. But we are not looking to recruit at “all cost”. We wouldn’t oversell ourselves, we might even tell you we are not right for you after hearing your doubts. Because it is the right thing to do for both you and us.

What is the point of convincing you to join, if two months down the road we know you will want to leave?


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7. Know why you are speaking with us 

First of all, know what made you apply in the first place. Then, you should ask yourself this question at each step: Why am I still interested?

This is an advice you can apply to all your processes. It will help you identify which companies you want to move forward with, as well as the one you wouldn’t work for.

8. Don’t run for the title: the title isn’t everything

At the moment, on the market, there is a little bit of a race for who is gonna give the best title to a job.

And I have seen candidates go for titles, without really understanding what is hidden behind. Sometimes, this decision can end up badly. I have seen people living companies after a few months, completely disillusioned.

Truth be told, there are many names for the same job, and it can be confusing. And before accepting a job, you should make sure you understand the missions, the career potential, the team, the environment, the values, etc.

So, before accepting a job as a “Head of Unicorn” where you will actually just be managing yourself, please, please, please, ask yourself the right questions. Because the title won’t make the job any better than it actually is.


9. Team Fit is more important than your degree!

We don’t care about your degree. We care about you, about us, and about how we could make it work.

You fitting with our team is more important than a degree.



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