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7 examples of Data Visualization

This article shows seven examples of data visualization, covering various subjects : cinema, art, philosophy, geography, cuisine, ecology, and even a combination of literature and astronomy.

marketing department

How effective marketing reporting can improve dialogue in your company

Reports and dashboards are excellent tools for goal-setting and getting in tune with the company’s overall strategy. Marketing teams, like other teams in the company, need to be able to interpret data to help them gain a concrete perspective of ...


Don’t waste your time anymore : master business reporting !

Business reporting is to report regularly to team members or superiors on their performance. It refers to the interface and dashboards that measure a company’s results and performance. Reporting tools enable businesses to track KPIs and useful information for assessing ...

Data Storytelling

Dealing with reporting in Real Estate Industry

How to address through the Data Visualization some data-related business issues in Commercial Real Estate industry and communicate on practice trends in other European countries, such as France and Italy.

Data Storytelling

Financial reporting : 5 rules to know to make it good !

A financial dashboard cannot be improvised. There are rules to follow and tips to know in order to come up with a good one. Overview to learning how to build a good financial dashboard. Financial reporting is essential because it ...

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